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Readers Respond: Do You Use Sports Creams to Reduce Muscle Pain?

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Updated July 13, 2009

From the article: Sports Creams and Gels
Topical pain medications are applied directly to the skin and come in a variety of forms including creams, gels lotions and patches. They are used frequently by athletes. What do you think? Do you use these products? How have they helped you? How have they not helped you? Share Your Opinion

Do you use sports creams for muscle pain

I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, and for a long time I only used oral medications and supplements; then I noticed the pain creams at the store and decided to try them. Relief beyond words occurred immediately! I tried various otc ones from the drug store, and later some samples of several "natural" kinds, and found that for me the ones containing Menthol, Camphor and 30% Methyl Salycilate worked the very best both for the joint pain and the muscle discomfort. I personally like the heating/cooling sensations and have gotten used to the smell (although my husband objected to it). My cousin recently recommended Arnicare topical gel, so I've been trying it. Although it does seem to work fairly well, I don't get the same relief that I do from my old faithful. I also prefer the price of the store-brand versions that Wal-Mart and other pharmacies offer. I've noted several here that I haven't tried, so I may do that just to compare, but so far I haven't found anything I liked better.

WinterCrest - Saved me in Marathon

I've started using WinterCrest ( www.wintercresthealth.com ) a few years ago after seeing their booth at the Tucson Marathon. I have found the sports balm to penetrate much deeper and last a lot longer than Tiger Balm and Bengay.
—Guest Marathon Runner

Need it for going the distance

I use capsaicin-based products instead of methyl salicylates because they last longer, don't mask the pain, and allow me to keep going during work-outs or help ease the pain on days of rest. I've tried a few, but Cajun Sports Cream seems to last the longest.
—Guest Charlie_Sports

No Menthol, No Methyl Salycilate

Sporta-Flx Organic Massage Gel, you know it's working because it does not have a hot or cold sensation masking the problem. Awesome stuff!
—Guest Relief


I don't think it does anything for a strain, however, I often go to bed with a sore back and it feels so good. I use Bio-Freeze.

hard to tell

I use some of them and it seems like they are "working" but it's hard to know if the make muscle pain heal faster than witout them. I think we all like to believe we are doing something and when the creams get all hot and tingly, we think they ae doing some good. After reading this, though, I will probably save my money and just wait.
—Guest norm eddie

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Do You Use Sports Creams to Reduce Muscle Pain?

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