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Readers Respond: Have You Been Treated for a Torn ACL?

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Updated April 07, 2010

A torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a common sports injury typically caused by a sudden, rapid twisting of the knee joint. ACL injuries can occur during sports that require a sudden change of direction (where the knee twists, but the feet don't). They also happen during a sudden, abrupt stop or during a missed step upon landing a jump. The most common treatment for a torn ACL is arthroscopic surgery and ACL reconstruction.

Have you been treated for a torn ACL?

If so, share your experience with surgery and recovery. Do you think you are back 100 percent following surgery? Share Your Story

Didn't do much but I tore my ACL

I played football, basketball, volleyball, and I loved to run. However, in 2000 I ended up with asthma. Any how, I was attending junior college, I use to be at the gym a lot. So one day I decided to play basketball, in the middle of the game I began to wheez so I stepped to the sideline to take my inhaler, I didn't notice but the person who got the ball was headed my way. As I took the inhaler, I turned, and POW, she ran into me. I fell and my knee had some strange pain so I moved it and I could bend it, but when I got to my feet, my knee went out again, I fell again and the paramedics were called, I found out that I had torn my ACL. Used crutches and leg wraps for a day, threw them away the next day and made myself heal. Cannot move the same way I use to but I'm ok. I take it easy and exercise my knee a lot and maybe I'll get surgery someday, when it gets bothersome.

Expecting the worst hoping for the best.

Just over a week ago I was playing soccer on wet turf fields. I sprinted to go pressure the team, once I changed my direction I slipped and my knee went one way and my body the other. I heard a loud pop in my knee and I was in pain for a few minutes but I managed to run it off. While I was trying to run it off I felt very unstable and loose, and almost for a minute I thought I broke my knee. After several minutes I finally regained conciseness of my left knee and continued playing. The very next play, I jumped up to head a ball and when I came down I heard another pop which left me on the ground crying my eyes out. I was scared because automatically the first thought that pooped up was that I torn my ACL. Days go by from the accident and I'm able to walk and extend my knee with no pain. Soccer is the most important thing to me and I've been fortunate enough to be blessed with my talent that's allowed me to be seen by scouts all around only at the age of 16. I get my MRI today. Scared:(
—Guest Lorena

Football in the uk

Im 18 and i was playing on astro i jumped up to block the ball landed on right foot and heard a big loud pop i fell to the floor screaminh in pain my right leg went numb later that evening i went hospital the xray showed nothing so i had a mri scan and im
—Guest Brandon


I tore my ACL when I was in 8th grade playing club basketball I tried to change directions but my right knee decided not My coach believed I had just popped some nerves so I got up and walked away like it was no big day deal but when i got home I could not walk The next day I went to a doctor believing that I had just strained something and so did he until he saw the MRI which showed that my ACL was completely gone I had a hamstring graph (cut a piece of hamstring and put it where the ACL used to be) The doctor was happy with it. He told me that the surgery was the easy part the most important thing is to have a good physical therapist I wish I would have payed more attention to that because now I am a sophmore and still can not play There are many people i could blame but the bottom line is that I did not have the right therapist which caused me great pain another surgery; has cost me my freshman season and looks like my sophomore too To sum it up make sure you have the right therapis

I did all 3

It was the summer before my sophomore year in high school & my basketball team had a 3 day tournament. On the second day, during the second game I was playing D and some way me and the girl fell, but it wasn't easy getting up. I got help off the floor and went to the trainer he told me I may have torn my MCL, iced me up & and when it was time for the next game I got it taped up and played on it again. I felt my knee giving out on me, but I kept going. Later once the game was over i got a ride home & took a job around my neighborhood just to see if everything was okay and everything seemed fine, so I went home, iced up and prepared for the next day. The next day I played on it once again favoring my knee even more than the first day not knowing i was injuring it even more. Long story short I went to the doctor a week later and found out I had not only tore my MCL, but I tore my ACL & my meniscus. I sat out my sophomore year and now it's my junior year and I'm fighting hard.
—Guest Cyerra

Track and fild

Hi I am in speical olympics and last summer I was in praticse with track and fild and I want to try running long jump so my coach let me so I was running and I take the jump and I was in the air and than I land worng I guess and all I head was a big pop noise in my knee and I was screaming and crying and my coach don't know what I did I told them I think it was brokering but they told me it was so I got up with some hlep and I can't walk that good but I don't want any hlep so I seen my mom and dog and I walk there but I was lumping than my mom take the dog to the car and than she come and see me I went and sit down and my team put than I start to scaram and cry becaues I can't feel my feet and I was in pain so than we went home I was still crying and scream but I don't want to go check becaues I had swimming troument in 2 weeks so after my swimming thing went to the doctor and I get X-ray nothing with broke but this year I find out I ruptered my acl now I am just waiting to see a doctor
—Guest Krystin

Tore acl car accident

Two years ago I was involved in a head on collision by a drunk driver. Both my knees hit the dashboard. A week later I went to step over something and put pressure on right leg. I heard a pop and I went down to the ground with extreme pain. The pain subsided. I could not straighten out leg. I had an MRI and said I had a partial or complete tear acl and meniscus tear. Knee improved from physical therapy, but had constant pain in knee. Original doctor retired and I used one in same office. I was told live with the pain. I changed doctors and I was told surgery or continue with the knee. I had surgery and acl with patella tendon about a year ago. I had 5 months of rehab. Knee is fine. I still have not tried any pivoting sports yet. One day.
—Guest Lynn

Acl Mcl Meniscus tear

I was in Gym class and i was side suffling when my left knee gave out on me and i was on the floor in pain. When i tried to get up my knee was wobbling side to sude and was unstable and the pain was horrible i went to the ER and got an x-ray which showed nothing. Two days later i got an MRI and it showed that I completly tore my acl,mcl, and meniscus. When i meet with an ortopedic surgeon I was told that surgery was the only option since I was 15 and if i didnt get the surgery i would have a knee if a 70 year old. I had the surgery a month later on october 7th 2011. I had cadaver muscles used and my surgery went great. I soon went to physical therapy to regain strength and i was there for a year. The only thing i cant do is extend my knee as much as the right(my right knee hyperextends) but thats it. There are also downsides to the surgery and one includes the pain that occurs after awhile still to this day my knee will ache so bad and tighten up to were i can barely walk
—Guest Tah1234

Volleyball ACL

About 15 years ago during our volleyball practice when i first suffered this knee injury.I just took off to spike the ball,right approach to hit the volleyball when up in mid-air I heard crackling and popping sound on my left knee that I had to land with much weight on my right knee.Had my MRI and the result showed a tear on my ligament.Did not had a surgery,rested for a couple of weeks and went back to practice but unable to perform well.I first started using a knee hinge cartilage for support and since then was still playing volleyball until last week when it was my right knee's turn to experience the same even with both knees having a knee brace.I have had my rehab where my PT would perform Ultrasound and Laser treatment for deep heating and would also use an equipment which is called "tense" and was given a program for routines to strenghten the hamstring to support my knees.Scared of needles and incisions that's why I have not decided to undergo surgery.
—Guest Tal

2 ACL tears

Tore my acl my junior year in high school playing basketall one december 22 2012. missed half of basketball season and my full softball season. then the next basketball season i retore it and significant meniscus after a series of falls in practices and never getting an MRI till I finally requested one. I missed most of my senior season and am currently missing my softball season as well.
—Guest Nicole Carrabba

ACL complete tear

I completely tore my ACL and sprained my medial collateral ligament sparring in Taekwondo . I heard the pop sound and new immediately I had done damage to a crutiate . I did not realize how severe of an injury I had done and when I got the MRI results I recall mentioning to the dr. That I thought I would be in more pain, I did this 2 weeks ago now. I'm still limping because my knee feels weird and unstable.I see the surgeon tomorrow. The worst part is trying to get into a comfortable sleep position! I forgot to add. The moment this happened there was excruciating pain, however it quickly subsided within minutes. I am 44 and can't wait to fix my knee so I can return to Martal Arts!
—Guest Lisa

Tail of 2 tears

First acl and meniscus tears occurred gradually playing vball until it tore completely. Surgery was 4 yrs ago and last week tore something in my right knee. Went right to the ortho doc and am waiting on the mri tmrw. I predict another surgery in my near future!
—Guest Jen

Soccer practice

I went to a soccer practice i was not planning to go to. I was 12 at the time and i hated soccer, basketball was my sport. So in the middle of practice i tried to score a goal and my knee twisted went sideways and i heard a loud pop. Once the swelling went down i got an MRI and it was a torn acl. I got my surgery 2 months later and now my knee is 100% better!!
—Guest Brian

Robocop in fort yukon alaska

I'm a girl. Next week I'll be turning 13. Dec. 4th 2012, I tore my ACL, obviously! I go to high school ball practice with some of my classmates. My coach was doing something different. And I was following his orders, I was guarding this one girl, I jumped and tried to steal it at the same time, I landed and almost did the splits, I decided to try to catch my self I only had like a second to think. Anywho as I tried to catch my self, my right leg hyperextended. My friend was standing 5 feet away from me and her and I heard a huge crack! I'm a tomboy, I kinda think its gross but I get hurt a lot but this is by far the worst injury ever! My mom rushed me to the clinic. As usual they kept guessing saying I'll be better in feb. My mom scedualed an MRI in Fairbanks. After we got the test results, my dad and I are going to fly down to Anchorage to get my surgery in April. It was supposed to be this month! But I'm going on a school trip instead! Oh yeah, I absolutely love basketball!
—Guest FYU#LE

Torn acl and meniscus

I'm thirteen and tore my acl and meniscus in varsity soccer. I heard the pop and sat out, but nothing hurt too bad (surprisingly!) although it was pretty swollen. so I began practicing again(after Clearance of my normal doctor, not a knee dr!). It soon popped two more times during practice and I gave up and saw asports injury doctor. I had to wait almost a month to get surgery! I am now two and a half months out of surgery. I can't wait to get back to soccer as soon as possible, even though I'm a little scared!
—Guest Lena

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