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Readers Respond: Have You Been Treated for a Torn ACL?

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Updated April 07, 2010

A torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a common sports injury typically caused by a sudden, rapid twisting of the knee joint. ACL injuries can occur during sports that require a sudden change of direction (where the knee twists, but the feet don't). They also happen during a sudden, abrupt stop or during a missed step upon landing a jump. The most common treatment for a torn ACL is arthroscopic surgery and ACL reconstruction.

Have you been treated for a torn ACL?

If so, share your experience with surgery and recovery. Do you think you are back 100 percent following surgery?

Too young to Tear?

I tore my ACL last May (May 2011) i was playing basketball when i went up for a shot and got pushed by another player. my knee twisted and my foot stayed in the same place as it was, i torn my ACl and the cartalage. Im was only 13 years old and am now 14, I had my surgery in august 2011 im getting back into sport. My so called 'friends' are following me round clutching their knees say "AHH MY KNEE' or 'DOES UR KNEE HURT CAUSE MINE DOES' and its getting quite annoyying. but anyway, the surgery is a great idea and i would recomend it to anyone that is even deciding whether to have it or not. its a great idea and i support it 100%
—Guest Tom

torn acl

I was playin football and somebody fell into my knee tearing my ACL and partially tearing my MCL. Two weeks later I had surgery and two months later I was back at work doing vigorous work, all thanks to my great surgeon and physical therapist but one of the worst experiences of my life.
—Guest abrams

How did I tear my ACL this way..

So I had knee injuries before. From getting kicked by a horse and basketball. I play basketball, volleyball, track and I horseback ride. Recently I started playing Dagorhir with my group of friends. It was so much fun and I went to play for my 3rd time and I was walking (maybe a jog) when suddenly my knee just twisted and gave out. I fell and heard some popping but didn't know what it was I was in extreme pain but didn't scream or cry. I sat there waited for the pain to stop. After awhile I decided I should move because I was in th middle of the playing field. So I tried standing up and the same thing happened again. I still didn't cry. Which is weird for me. Anyways I didn't go to the doctor until the next day he took X-rays and told me it was sprained and old me to go to Orthopedic just in case went and had an MRI done a week later. It's been two weeks since then and it turns out I tore my ACL, some kinda meniscus and some other ligament. I don't know when I'm getting surgery.
—Guest Kalli Loggins

Torn ACL, meniscus & partially torn MCL

I tore my ACL playing basketball my first year in college. My teammate shot an airball and I went to go save it out of bounds. I jumped, threw the ball back inbounds and came down on my knee hearing the famous pop. I screamed at the top of my lungs it hurt so bad. The trainer came over and did the standard test on my knee and said she doubted I tore my acl. I went home and was in a lot of pain, my knee was swollen and felt numb. I went to the doctor and found out I tore my acl, mcl and meniscus. I had surgery a year ago and lately my knee has been in a lot of pain. I think I injured meniscus again. The trials and tribulations of an athlete I guess.
—Guest CarolinaBlue

missing ACL

I was working with animals and I quickly turned and snapped my ACL. For the past 5 years I have had a leg without an ACL... last month I ran a 10K.
—Guest bill

Torn acl

I am a competitive and varsity cheerleader. I tour my acl at the age of 14. I was tumbling once and I fell on it wrong doing a front punch to round off backhand spring. I did not go to the doctor and I didn't listen to my coaches, my coach said I just strained my tendons. I was off of it for 2 months but then went back on it and was doing back handspring tucks, again I hurt it again, 2 weeks later I went to my school trainer and team doctor and they both told me I tour my acl, like always I got an MRI and it said I tour my acl. I got my surgery 2 months after I was told, I was waiting till football was over. They took a hamstring from my leg and reconstructed my acl with messed up cartilage. This is my 3rd month since I've had the surgery. Ive been doing therapy 2 days a week. I had a melt down when I heard that I had this. I was refusing to get surgery mainly cause I had to wait 7-9 months to go back to cheer leading. But I got it done and it's the best decision I've made!
—Guest Jeanette

acl soccer rehab - faster with "prehab"

Playing college soccer. I did not feel a pop. I did feel a quiet clicking in my leg like there was sand in my kneecap. 30 mins later, on the ground yelling in pain. 1st dr. said it was a dislocated kneecap. Decided to get an MRI, and ACL was completely torn. 4-6 months later I was training in the gym to build strength In my leg before i went into my surgery. I used my own patella tendon which hurts like a *****. but 3 days post surgery i was off the crutches. 1 week first PT. 10 days post surgery 5 mins of bike, 5 weeks pool jogging, 6 weeks jogging, 7 weeks playing pick up soccer as goalie (warning everyone that i just had surgery, so no tackles or sprints or cuts). 4 months started practicing with college team again. Advice: if you can build strength up for a couple months before surgery, the recovery is quicker.
—Guest soccertexas

Tore Left ACL

It was just march 31st 2011 I just started playing soccer for a team it was the second practice as I jerked right then left I felt a pop and and stumbled as I continued to go it popped again and I fell I tried to laugh it off, I was able to walk but it hurt. I went to the doctors they said it was a sprain so I believed them. I went through therapy and still had problems so they sent me finally to the orthopedic and they said they think it's a torn ACL I cried. I was scared. So I went to a MRI and thn found out it was a torn meniscus and torn ACL. They were going to do reconstructive ACL surgery using my hamstrings. I feel great now , but two weeks ago I hurt my right knee they think it's torn.. Praying it's not but it was worse then last time. It hasnt even been a ear since my last, but it's just my luck.
—Guest KTaylor

Knowing your limits

I am a 15 year old female and I am a competetive gymnast. We were on beam, the last hour of practice, the last dismount, and I was tired. I was debating on wether or not to do the twisting dismount or simplify it. I decided to just throw the twisting dismount and in the blink of an eye my life was changed. I felt my knee shift to the left and come back. I didn't cry I didn't scream, I just lay there. So many thoughts rushed into my my mind and I'm no doctor but I KNEW something was wrong. The coaches came over to me and I hobbled off the mat and went home. Long story short I had surgery exactly one week later. Completely torn ACL, partially torn MCL and Meniscus, and sprained PCL. It has been ten weeks since surgery and it is healing day by day. My dream has always been to get a college scholarship for gymastics. It's a daily struggle, but it is worth it. I will come out a better person and I will succeed. It is frustrating, but it is POSSIBLE.
—Guest Sydney

Torn ACL playing soccer

Playing soccer ever since I was 5 years old competitively, recently torn my ACL at 15. I was sprinting down the field when a girl bodied me with her hip and I literally did a half flip in the air and twisted my knee when I landed. I heard the pop and was never in so much pain before in my life. My coach carried me off the field and the pain kind've went away. My parents took me too the hospital anyway but nothing. Walking still didn't feel right with occasional on and off pain. I finally got an MRI and of course, I had torn my ACL. I had the surgery with and went to PT for months after. I'm fully recovered and still don't know what too do because soccer was my passion. People will say there are more serious injuries with ACL reconstruction you are able to go back but I never want this too happen again, and things just aren't the same.
—Guest Elise Portella

ACL plus Meniscus

Playing touch football on Oct 8, 2011 I tried to plant and change directions. I heard 3 quick pops and knew it wasn't going to be good. I went to the ground and felt horrific pain and panic for about 2 minutes. It did subside but my knee was very swollen. That week the orthopedist told me it was a torn ACL and the MRI confirmed plus major meniscus tears. After major stress and research about options, on Oct 21, I had the allograft (cadaver) surgery. I'm about 10 weeks into PT and up to 135 degrees of bend. It's been a long (and often frustrating) road. I'm hoping to be back to full activity soon. Rt knee so I couldn't drive plus I live alone. Very thankful for support of friends and family. God bless and happy healing to anyone going through this. I feel your pain
—Guest Kate

ACL shenanigans

I tore my ACL about 5.5 years ago at school, just landing funny from a jump. I heard it pop and tried to get up and fell on my butt again. A month later i had surgery. I was all good until about 7 months ago when I was doing a training run, i stepped on a rock and locked out that same knee. My knee was scoped and a bunch of scar tissue and a loose body were removed. The scope also showed my acl is now lax. Oye veh. Now I have chronic mcl strain issues and some catching and popping. Super frustrated. Would I have been better without ACL Recon? I dont know. I am just frustrated and venting.
—Guest Annelise

complete acl tear

I'm a 37yr old female who tore my acl playing soccer. I went for the ball but my knee decided not to and I heard the pop and I collapsed. I couldn't even support myself on my left leg. I work for the u.s postal service as a carrier so I need a stable knee. Based on my mri and doctor consultation I had surgery 2wks later when some of the swelling went down. I used an allograft which is donor tissue. I am now 7wks post surgery and I go to phy therapy twice a wk and I'm back jogging and just started back biking. I'm not fully locked yet but flexation arnd 125degrees. I feel fine and I'm building the muscle back up in the leg, it's shocking how quick it atrophies. Based on my age and level of fitness my therapists and doctor feel I'm a little ahead but warn against being ovrly confident because you don't want to retear before you're completely healed. Just follow advice of your doct/therapist, massage your scars, do the towel under your heal an continue to use your leg.
—Guest katrina

ACL tear play soccer !

Im 13 and it was my first year playing soccer! Before Thanksgiving of 2010 I made a sharp quick turn and heard a "pop" fell to the ground and as I tried to get up it was impossible! I went to about 5 doctors before the last one told me what was wrong. I had torn my ACL particially and my meniscus. I then got surgery March 1st 2011. Recently I stopped going to physical therapy and I am doing P.E. just like I usually do, competative. So I will be going to the doctor pretty soon and hopefull he tells me I can play soccer next year when I enter highschool (: Goodluck to all those athletes out there!
—Guest Michelle

No surgery, pleast

Last year I was skiing at night and hit a patch of ice, my body went one way and my knee went the other. After severe pain and unable to ben my leg for a month, I went to the doctor. Sure enough I tore my ACL, I worked hard for the last year to excercise, bend and rehab my knee on my own. I can now run 6-7 miles, I ski, I bike, I work out five days a week and never had the surgery. Think twice before putting yourself through surgery and lots of rehab. I'm 45 and fell stronger than ever.
—Guest Michelle

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