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Readers Respond: Crazy Sports Parents Stories

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Updated April 19, 2010

We've all seen a few crazy sports parents yelling, screaming and jumping up and down on the sidelines during youth sports. While a bit of encouragement and cheering is a great way to support your kids, there are some parents who actually harm their kids with their outrageous behavior. If you've seen any crazy sports parents at youth sports, tell us about it and help other parents learn what not to do at their kid's games.

vball mom spreads lies to help daughter

A club volleyball mom makes up lies about another player on the team to try to get that player off the team. When the other player's parent try to talk to this family, they say they can't talk about it. Why not if what they are saying is true? I hear they feel justified that they have to do anything including spread lies to protect their daughter. What are they teaching their daughter? Lie, be malicious, be secretive, to get what you want.
—Guest SouthBay


My daughter and her husband are making their 13 year old daughter play volleyball. She played this past year on the school team. She really doesn't want to play but knows they will be angry with her if she doesn't. She is very active and healthy. She is a gifted and talented student and loves art, science and a is a GREAT writer. It isn't like she is a couch potato. I am just curious as to what others would think on this situtation.
—Guest volleyball

Skater moms

The mom of a child at my daughter's skating club will no longer allow her daughter to practice with her friends. Instead she is only allowed to train with kids who are better than she is, because unless they are better than her, "there's nothing in it for her daughter."
—Guest Pugy

coaching from stands

I have witnessed a kid throw his hands up in the air in frustration and proceed to cover his ears because he did not know who to listen too during a basketball game. His 3 coaches were giving instruction from the bench, his club coach was yapping at him from the stands and his parents were sharing their two cents as well.

Swim Mom Too Rude

My daughter was on the swim team, but quit because one crazy sports mom would not stop yelling at the kids during both practice and meets. She either gave unsolicited advice, or told everyone how her daughter was being dragged down by being on a relay with "all those losers." My daughter asked her coach to do something about it and he wouldn't because the crazy mom's daughter happened to be the team's best swimmer and he didn't want to "upset her." So instead, he upset a bunch of the young swimmers who all quit in anger and frustration. Now my daughter is giving soccer a go and hopes it's more fun.
—Guest TammyB

yelling at son

I was at a 6th grader's soccer game and one dad was screaming at his son for missing a kick on goal. I mean, come on, the kid is trying his best, takes a decent shot, and misses the goal by a foot. So what? At least he is out there trying and should be encouraged not yelled at. Some parents just stay home when their kids play sports.
—Guest gil

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