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Readers Respond: Do You Have a Favorite Ab Exercise or Core Workout?

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Updated September 05, 2009

Do you have a favorite abdominal or core workout? Have you discovered one that you think works better than all the rest for you? Share your tips, tricks and favorite workout for your mid-section with the rest of us.

Bicycle & Double crunch + plank

I like rotating 50 bicycle crunches, 50 double crunches (reverse crunch at the same time as regular crunch, not one after the other in a rocking motion), and 2 minutes of planking for as long as I can. Lots of people who read this can do way more than that because I've just started working out, so maybe try 100/100/4 minutes, or if you're worse try 30/30/1 minute, over and over again, maybe taking a small break or two.
—Guest Venumuz

trx atomic push up

great exercise for the core, tough and effective. Bring it!
—Guest tonytrainer

Ab Roller

I have been hearing great things lately about strengthing your abs with an ab roller. The exercise works your abs as you use them to pull the wheel back, and many fitness experts are now highly recommending it over exercises such as situps. Some of the other exercises listed above the ab roller are not natural position exercises or they may work your abs, but they may put strain on other areas of the body.
—Guest Guest

weighted, variable leg position crunches

with couch, straight or bent legged, use manageable weight and crunch varying arm positions, breathing pace, and controlled, rhythmic reps. May need butt-pillow to prevent chafing.
—Guest Ian

kettlebell push row

I'm 60 years old and I do push up rows using kettlebells. Great for lats and total core. Killer exercise with KB because of higher center of gravity needing extra stability control.
—Guest bbnbboy

Best Abs

—Guest kk

Fun and builds muscle+stretches core

Lay down just like an average crunch, then lift your feet so they're parallel with your back but as high as possible, bring your knees towards your shoulders and extend your legs into the air, you should be placed in a "L" formation, then go back to the original sit up formation do a quick sit up and repeat. ed: Sounds like the reverse crunch: sportsmedicine.about.com/od/abdominalcorestrength1/qt/reverse_crunch.htm
—Guest Matthew C

Favorite Ab Exercise

I love the stability ball crunch. I'm getting killer results with this program http://www.onthenetdaily.com/truthaboutabs.php


I have yet to find the optimal ab workout that improves strength, tone, and endurance in the ab muscles. I do a v-situp with a med ball or a free weight and twist my torso left and right touching the ground with the weight on either side. Leg lifts are good for endurance, especially when someone else counts the time. Atomic situps or med ball situps are probably the best for building and toning. I havent used any machines so I cant speak for them, but I'm sure there are some excellent workouts out there.
—Guest Austin


I teach Pilates and like the "roll up" amd the "criss cross" combination best. You can find these moves here on about.com/pilates
—Guest davidst302

Ambassador Guthrie:

Sports of Choice: State Champion Runner, Karate, Boxing Variety in high repetitions three phase is the key to excellent abdominals along with proper nutrition and proper rest. Example: Machine abdominal crunches: Key your eyes in the same location above your seated position. Exhale extensively on the up with a tight abdominal squeeze. The movement is fast. The down movement is slowly; about twice as slow as the fast with a squeeze. Three sets of 15 to 20 are good. Exercise two is done with the medicine ball in reference to side angels; squeezing to the right and to the left at high repititions. Choice three is to tuck the head and knee - leg at the same time, and then stretch the head forward and the knee - leg at the same time. Do both sides emphasizing deep breathing and a dramatic tuck and a dramatic stretch. Exercises that I like as substitutes are wheel rolling, boxer's crunches, and elongated leg raises. Keep the legs off the floor; thus raising and lowering the legs. 1 x per wk.
—Guest William "Jerry" Guthrie

Effective Ab Exercises

The most effective exercise is the bicycle crunch, but only if you bring your elbows across to touch your opposite knee and cycle your legs slowly as close to the floor as possible. This places max effort on the abs and when combined with the plank for core muscles, you have the perfect combo. You have achieved your max when, with the plank, you can lift opposite arm and leg and hold for one minute. I am 76 yrs and am the fittest in my age group in Australia, holder of three records in rowing, boot camp twice weekly, cycling, trail running and weights three x weekly.
—Guest Beachdog

Dirty workout queen

I like the plank, leg raises, etc. I also enjoy doing sit-ups too.
—Guest Sofia Walz-Chojnacki

Medicine Ball sit-ups

Like a normal situp but hold an medicine ball with both hands. When you go up slam the ball on the ground in between your legs. When you go down slam the ball above your head on the ground. I do 300 a day with a 12 lb medicine ball but i started off with 200 with a 8 lb. Takes me about 9 minutes.
—Guest Grant

train your abs standing

Wood chops work your entire core in a very functional way. Use tubing, cable machines or med balls.
—Guest coachscott95070@yahoo.com

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