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Readers Respond: What Sports Do You Think Build the Best Abs?

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Updated April 24, 2009

What athletes do you think have the best abs? There are some sports that naturally build a great core and help you get a great six-pack without the boring abdominal exercises. If you want better abs choose sports that engage the right combination of movements and you will build a strong, sexy mid-section naturally. Some of the top picks include: Soccer, kayaking, gymnastics, swimming and skate skiing. What do you think? Which athletes have the best abs?


surfing is real good for working the entire core of the body once you go pass around a hour in the water
—Guest marcus


Hockey definitley. You are training constantly your working your abs for inner balance, because to skate you must have balance. Eating right obviously.. skating fast up and down the ice, being able to take and work hard for the puck--you need great upper and lower body strength. Swimming and running are great for abs too.
—Guest bubblesrule


I am a teenage girl and I have the best abs out of all the girls in my class at school, my friend said rowers have the best bodies but really, anyone who trains high intensity in a sport that engages the abdominal muscles will become ripped!! I have never done boring ab workouts, I do press ups each morning, wall-sits regularly and the occasional hover-hold yet my abs are constantly improving because I train in the pool for at least 5 two hour sessions per week. If you can get hold of a pair of fins, while swimming wear them and swim butterfly (dolphin) kick on your back while keeping your whole body tense and you will feel the workout in your abs and thighs, it is AMAZING:)
—Guest Bee

totally soccer

soccer for sure. i have been playing soccer for only one year and got 4 packs at 7th grade
—Guest soccer

Best abs

Do plymetrics and watch what you eat. Do high intensity Interval training and watch what you eat. Do any sport regularly by playing competitively and watch what you eat.
—Guest Yagga

Swimming definitely

Swimming is the best no-impact sport that works all your muscles. If you have proper technique, you will lose fat and build lean muscle very quickly
—Guest jesse


Gymnastics for sure. My son is in the HPC squad and he's already showing his little abs (from 6 mths training)
—Guest Pitzcat

Running cross country

Guys who run xc have get great abs. Swimming is good too because it works all muscles.
—Guest guest

Strange ab shape

I am getting a strange shaping at the side of my stomach--guys usually get it but not girls and I wondered how to get rid of that & smooth my stomach. Its really hard to explain!

Water Polo

Dude you get so ripped doing this! I mean it try for at least 2 months you will see results guaranteed or your money back
—Guest a-SON


Dancing is amazing for your abs. You have to have so much core strength with every move you complete correctly. Even yoga and Pilates helps too. They work on mostly your core and you will not be dissatisfied.


when you are poping for a trick you are crunching your abs
—Guest juan


through only boxing i have an 8-pack one of best possible sports for abs and overall fitness
—Guest bob

What about running?

...like track and Cross Country. Those aren't included in these responses, so does that mean you can't get decent abs by running. I run XC & Track and I also swim and I'm not getting any results!. Any suggestions?
—Guest Kaitlyn


boxing uses alot of twisting and bending from the waist. I've always found that when I'm boxing my abs look their best in comparison to other sports.
—Guest epsilon87

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