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A loud pop; felt as if I had been kicked by an elephant

Share Your Story: Share Your Calf Strain Story

By Melissa

Updated January 27, 2012

How Did You Strain Your Calf Muscle?

I alternate runs of three and five miles on the treadmill six days a week. While on one of these runs I first heard a loud pop and then immediately felt as if I had been kicked by an elephant in my calf. Very painful. Hobbled home to ice and rest, again very painful.

Describe Your Calf Strain Rehab Experience

Day after injury, went to the orthopedics' office. The leg was completely screened, resulting in wearing a boot on my leg for six weeks to insure no usage would occur. This was very annoying at first, but I did eventually learn how to maneuver rather quickly while in the boot. (I am 50 years old)


  • Listen to your body! If you feel tired, rest, sore, cut back on your routine. I know I caused my injury by not taking the above advice, It took me four months before I could get back to my runs again. Too long

How Long Did It Take to Heal?

Healing process took between three and four months.

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