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Links and information specifically for female athletes.

Top 5 Fitness Tips for Women Over 50
Maintaining fitness after 50 is not impossible. Use these 5 tips to get, and stay, in shape.

Amenorrhea - Missed Periods in Athletes Leads to Bone Lose and Osteoporosis
Amenorrhea in athletes, sometimes called exercise-associated amenorrhea, occurs when a woman doesn't have a regular period either because she exercises too much, eats too few calories or both.

ACL Injury and Female Athletes
Female athletes are reported to have a higher risk of knee injury, particularly an ACL tear, than male athletes. There are several theories for this higher risk as well as ACL prevention programs designed to reduce ACL injuries in women athletes.

The Female Athlete Triad
The Female Athlete Triad describes a combination of three potential serious conditions in female athletes.

Top 11 Trail Running Shoes for Women
Trail running shoes for woman. Top picks, recommendations and reviews for woman's trail running shoes.

Top 10 Sports Watches for Women
Recommendations for the best sports watches for women.

ACL Injury Prevention Project (PEP)
This program was developed by The Santa Monica Injury Prevention Project in order to decrease the number of ACL injuries incurred by female soccer players.

Basketball Drills for Girls - These Basketball Drills Can Help Prevent...

Girls who play basketball can use these drills to improve performance and reduce risk of injuries.

Tips to Prevent ACL Injuries in Women
Studies have found that women are much more likley to sustain an ACL injury than men. New research is finding that adding neuromuscular and proprioceptive exercises to the training program can reduce the number of ACL injuries significantly.

The Q-Angle and Injuries In Women Athletes
A wider pelvis and increased Q-angle has been linked to increased knee pain, ACL injuries and patellofemoral pain syndrome in women athletes.

10 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights
Over the last decade, researchers have made extremely compelling arguments for the benefits of weight training for women. Whatever your reasons for avoiding the weights, here are ten reasons why you need to take strength training seriously.

About Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis can cause bones to become so brittle that a minor injury can break a wrist, hip, or spine. Learn more about this devastating disease.

About Women's Injuries and Training
Researchers continue to find reasons why women are more likely, than men, to develop sports-related knee injuries.

Exercise Benefits for Women of all Ages
Women can benefit from physical activity no matter how old they are when they begin.

New Exercise Guidelines for Women
Finally, women have a way to judge their fitness goals and performance based upon data from women, not men.

Yoga and Pilates
Yoga and Pilates have much in common, but are not the same. This article helps clarify the differences and provides some tips on finding the right program and instructor for you.

Exercise Prevents Osteoporosis
Evidence shows that exercise can help maintain and build bone density at any age.

Twice a Week Weight Training Prevents Weight Gain in Women
Women who lift weights twice a week can prevent or at least slow the weight gain common in middle age

Bone Density and Exercise
Building and maintaining bone density requires a combination of good nutrition and weight bearing exercise.

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