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Short, focused expert advice for getting faster, stronger and more focused in your sport.

Training Tips for Rock Climbing
Ten tips for beginning rock climbers. These tips will help you quickly improve your climbing technique.

Finding Time to Exercise - How Do You Find Time to Exercise
Unless you are a professional athlete who gets paid to exercise, it can be tough to fit your workouts into an already full schedule. How do you find time to exercise?

Biggest Race Day Mistakes - What Was Your Biggest Race Day Mistake
What was your biggest race day mistake? Share your advice and help others avoid the same mistakes on race day.

Common Race Day Mistakes
Do you perform well during training only to come up short on race days? If so, you may be making these common mistakes that many athletes make during competition.

The Best Advice You Got From a Coach
Great coaches do more than just explain the rules of the game. A great coach is also a great teacher who inspires and empowers an athlete to realize and develop his or her full sports potential. In some cases, a coach's advice may extend far beyond the playing field and even shape an athlete's character off the field.

How about you? What's the best advice you ever received from a coach? Di…

What's Your Favorite Workout Song?
What song revs you up for exercise?

How Do You Beat Exercise Boredom?
During a bout of exercise boredom, none of my standard workout routines sound very enjoyable. What about you? Have you ever found yourself bored silly with your exercise routine? If so, what changes have you made that revived your love of exercise?

What's Your Biggest Exercise Training Mistake?
Getting fit requires patience, consistency and progression, but it also helps to know what not to do. Have you made any exercise training mistakes? Share your advice and help others avoid the exercise training mistakes you made.

Best of 2008 - The Best Sports Medicine and Sport Fitness Tr…
Fitness trends pop up every year and most fad out quickly because they lack real substance. But in 2008, there were a few fitness and sports medicine trends that are still going strong. Here are a few of the ideas that really caught on with athletes, trainers and the sports medicine community and seem to have the staying power to grow more in 2009.

Tips to Deal with Jet Lag
Air travel is common for athletes participating in national and international sport competitions. Travel across multiple time zones may cause jet lag. Here are recommendations for athlete's who travel.

Race Day Preparation: Peaking for Races or Events
Peaking for race day requires both experience and planning, but there are things that can make peaking more likely.

Tips for Busy Athletes
Very few athletes (elite and recreational) have the luxury of being paid to train. Most of us have to balance fitness programs with work, family and social commitments. Sometimes it’s tough to maintain balance in all areas and still improve performance. Here are some ideas for those trying to juggle a demanding training schedule with a hectic life.

Physical Activity Reduces Your Risk of Catching Colds
More research links moderate exercise with increased immunity.

Mid-Day Exercise Improves Employee Productivity
According to a study out of England researchers found that when workers used their company gym, reported that they were more productive and worked better with their co-workers.

Skin Cancer - An Emerging "Epidemic"
Skin Cancer - An Emerging "Epidemic"

Itching During Exercise
Itching and skin irritation during exercise can be caused by a number of factors; some minor and some more serious.

Physical Activity Reduces Your Risk of Catching Colds
Exercisers Less Likely to Catch Colds

I'm Fit So Why Do I get Dizzy When I stand Up?
If you exercise often and are in good shape you might occasionally experience dizziness and lightheadedness when you stand up quickly. This is generally nothing serious, and occurs due to a slow heart rate.

Exercising with iPods and Earbuds Could Cause Permanent Hearing Loss
Athletes who use iPods or wear earbuds may be at risk for permanent hearing loss.

Health Club Manners
Health Club Manners and gym etiquette is built on common courtesy and a little tolerance. Here is a reminder to mind your manners at your local health club

What Makes a Good Coach?
Qualities of an Effective Coach. An effective coach understands how to communicate with players in a way that gets results. The goal of coaching is to guide, inspire and empower the athlete to realize and develop his or her potential.

What Keeps You From Going To The Gym?
The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently polled over 1,500 Web site visitors posing the question “What keeps you from going to the gym?” Here are the surprising results.

How to Begin Tapering Prior to an Endurance Competition
Tapering before major sports competition or events offers many benefits to endurance athletes.

Why Your Workouts Don't Work
Sadly, most people quit a new exercise program before they see any real results. It's not surprising when you see the common mistakes people make with their training programs. Learn how to modify your routine and finally start getting some real fitness results.

What's Hot in Fitness for 2006
The American Council on Exercise (ACE) fitness trend predictions for 2006.

Triathlon Transition Tips
Tips for getting in and out of the triathlon transition zones quickly

Winter Survival Guide for Summer Athletes
Summer athletes - get the most from your winter training routine.

Best Cross Training Exercises and Workout Ideas for Athletes
Cross training helps prevent overuse injuries, muscle imbalances and the dreaded mental burnout that comes from doing the same exercise routine day after day

Bone Density and Exercise

Add 1% of Incline to Your Treadmill Workout
A 1% incline makes the treadmill effort equal to running outside

8 Tips for More Effective Workouts
8 Tips for getting the most out of a shorter workout routine.

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