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Sports psychology tips, techniques and skills training for improved mental and sports performance.
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Top Three Sports Psychology Mistakes Athletes Make
Three common sports psychology mistakes athletes make and tips to help you avoid them.

Visualization for Sports - Do You Use Visualization in Your S…
Many athletes routinely use visualization techniques as part of sports training. Those who use them often report that it improves their sports performance, mental awareness and sense of well-being. What do you think? Have you tried visualization techniques to improve your performance? How has it worked for you?

Athletes With Supportive Systems of Friends and Family Are More Successful
Having supportive friends, family and teammates may just be an athlete's secret weapon to improving sports success by building confidence.

How To Use Imagery and Self-Hypnosis
Research is finding that sports psychology techniques including guided imagery and self-hypnosis may be able to speed up the healing process in injured athletes. Learn how these simple techniques might help you heal faster.

Does Positive Self Talk in Athletes Improve Sports Performance
Developing positive self talk is an often overlooked beneficial sports psychology skill.

Sports Psychology Tip - How to Come From Behind
How to Come From Behind Using a Simple Sports Psychology Technique

Athletes, Superstitions and Rituals
Superstition and ritual is widespread in pros sports, and even considered normal. To the onlooker, it may seem silly and strange, but if you consider how athletes use these rituals, you'll realize that they are often strategies used in the world of sports psychology.

Sports Psychology Degree Programs – How to Become a Sports Psychologist
Becoming a sports psychologist requires a degree and experience in both sports training and psychology.

Visualization In Sport
Can you use your mind to improve your sports performance? It worked for Gold Medal winning Triathlete, Brigitte McMahon.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety with Sports Psychology
Performance Anxiety. How to psyche yourself up, calm yourself down and overcome performance anxiety.

Sports Psychology Tip: Maintaining and Regaining Focus
Centering is a technique that allows athletes to recover composure

Visualization and Muscle Strength
Visualization and Muscle Strength

Marathon Training Drop Outs
If you are running to lose weight, you’re more likely to drop out of marathon training. That’s the result of a study that looked at the different motivations between first time marathon finishers and dropouts.

What is a sport psychologist?
What is a sport psychologist?

About Carrie Cheadle, M.A., CC-AASP
Guest Author Bio. Carrie Cheadle, M.A., CC-AASP, is a sports psychology consultant who helps athletes master mental skills for peak performance.

About Carrie Cheadle, M.A., CC-AASP
Guest Author Bio. Carrie Cheadle, M.A., CC-AASP, is a sports psychology consultant who helps athletes master mental skills for peak performance.

Beyond Basic Training - Tips for Reaching Peak Performance
Recommendations, tips and expert advice for athletes looking for ways to improve their training, sports performance and recovery.

Top 6 Top Picks - Sport Psychology Books
The psychological aspect of sport can not be ignored by athletes looking for peak performance. Beyond the physical training and equipment selection, you should be aware of the important role your mind can play in achieving your goals. These books can help you understand and develop those skills.

Can Music Inspire Your Training?
Many exercisers use music for motivation during training and to get psyched up for competition. Niki Dobbyn offers her advice for using music to inspire you during your workouts.

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