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Skiing Injuries

Skiing Injuries

Spring Skiing and Snowboarding Safety Tips
With warmer weather, sunny skies and fewer crowds, many people say spring is the time to be on the mountain. However, the conditions during the spring can be dicey, and skiers need to be aware of some potential hidden dangers.

Common Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries
Both skiing and snowboarding can result in sports injuries, but they tend to have slightly different injury patterns.

Cold Weather Exercise Safety
Winter weather warrants special precautions for anyone who exercises outdoors. Learn to watch for early warning signs of frostbite and hypothermia and how to prevent problems in the cold.

ACL Injuries and Skiing

Wrist Guards Help Prevent Snowboard Injuries

Common Snowboarding Injuries
While similar in many ways, skiing and snowboarding do have their differences. One of the biggest differences is found in the type of injuries commonly seen in participants.

Conditioning for Skiing
Downhill skiing poses several sports medicine challenges to both the recreational and the expert skier.

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