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Top 10 Sports Watches

A list of some the best selling sports watches recommended for athletes.


Updated August 26, 2013

Every athlete needs a great sports watch to stand up to extreme conditions and still provide features you need to keep track of your workout. Here are some recommendations for the best-selling sports watches athletes can use.

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1. Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch

Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch

The Timex® Flix 100 Lap Ironman Triathlon watch is packed with functional features. Features the Indiglo night-light activation with a quick iflick of the wrist for handsfree lighting.

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2. Women's Timex Ironman Sport Watch

Women's Timex Ironman Sport Watch
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

The Women's Timex Sport Watch offers a great line of women's sport watches with features for every athlete. Basic features include a stopwatch, preset timers, alerts, alarms, Indiglo night light and water-resistance.

My personal favorite is the Women's 50-lap Ironman Watch, which allows the storing of up to 50 splits, a countdown timer, and interval timer and several alarm settings.

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3. Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch

Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch
photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Developed for the Navy SEAL's, this watch meets military specifications of all branches of the US Armed Forces. Fiberglass reinforced polyester injection molded case, stainless steel plate case back secured with stainless steel screws. Double gasket crown/stem confers water resistance of 20 atm/200 meters/660.

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4. Deuce Brand Sport Watch

Deuce Brand Sport Watch
photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
The Deuce Brand sports watch is a simple, nearly indestructible watch that has basic features in a clean, stylish design. It's made from stretchy rubber, shows time and date and is water resistance up to 99 feet.
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5. Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor Watch
photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Achieve your fitness goals with the latest sport watch technology from Timex. It features a chronograph, heart rate monitor, countdown timer and other important features for sports enthusiasts.

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6. Casio Sports Watch

Casio Sports Watch
photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Casio makes a sports watch with every possible style, feature and price point for any athlete.

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7. Swiss Army Watch

Swiss Army Watch
photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Watches for sports and field that don't neglect essential features and classy looks. A variety of styles and features - even titanium.

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8. Suunto Altimeter Watch

Suunto Altimeter Watch
photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

An extreme gift for an extreme athlete. An altimeter for every conceivable outdoor activity. Altimeter / Barometer / Compass / Watch plus more.

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9. Citizen Dive Watch

Citizen Aqualand Professional Diving Men's Titanium Watch is a solid Titanium case and with strap, Underwater depth display down to 260 feet, Second display for maximum Depth, Dive, Time and Water temperature, 4-Dive memory of important dive data, One-Way rotating elapsed-time bezel, Auto-start dive mode, Water resistant to 200M

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10. Casio Baby G Ladies Sports Watch


Great looks and features in this reasonably prices sports watch. Includes the following features: Electro-luminescent backlit display, 12/24 hour time formats, Hourly time signals, daily alarm function, Countdown timer, Automatic day-date calendar and 20-page telememo.

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