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Top 9 Body Composition and Body Fat Analysis Products


Updated September 06, 2013

There are many products that measure body fat percent, body composition and lean muscle mass. Most use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, in which an electrical signal is sent through the body to determine the percent of different kinds of tissues (each has a different conductance). These ratings can be affected by hydration, food intake and skin temperature, and there are still limits to their accuracy and effectiveness.

1. Omron Body Fat Analyzer

The Omron is a basic, easy to use body fat analyzer that gives fairly accurate readings over time as long as you follow the directions carefully.
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2. Tanita InnerScan

The Tanita Innerscan provides more than just body fat and weight; it also provides data for bone and muscle mass, percentage of body water, daily caloric nees, metabolic age rating, visceral fat, and physique rating. It uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.
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3. Tanita Tanita BF680 Scale plus Athlete Mode

Another Tanita Scale that offers a family of four a pre-programmed body fat monitor (it stores up to 4 user's personal data). Easy to use and easy to read, this has all the features any athlete or 'weight watcher' would want.
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4. Tanita Duo Body Fat Monitor/Scale

This is perfect for the two-person household. It store two sets of pre-programmed personal data so you can compare and take your results over time.
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5. HoMedics Body Fat Monitors and Scales

Another manufacturer of body composition monitors that is worth looking at is HoMedics. They have several high quality bioelectrical impedance devices that offer a variety of functions. Additionally, they offer some heavy-duty, high quality bathroom scales.
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6. Body Fat Calipers

For those who prefer the hands-on method of measuring body fat percent, nothing is simpler (and less expensive) than using calipers. Of course, you need some training and a lot of practise to ensure accurate results, but over time you will become a pro.
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7. Health O Meter Scales

Body Fat Scale
photo courtesy of Pricegrabber

A top name in home scales, Health O Meter offers quality, affordability and designs that work for anyone monitoring daily weight measurements.

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8. All Tanitia Body Fat Scales

Tanita has a variety of other body fat and body composition monitors that I haven't tried, so have no opinion of... But you may find one that you prefer in their huge selection.

9. Complete List of Body Fat Analyzers for Home Use

Still don't see the body fat scale or analyzer you like best? Here is a complete list of body fat analyzers for home use.

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