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Readers share their stories, tips and advice fro sports injury rehab and sports fitness training. Do you have a story to share?
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What Are Your Favorite Abdominal Exercises?
Share your tips, tricks and favorite workout for your mid-section with the rest of us.

What's Your Favorite Workout Song?
What music gets you pumped up for your workout?

Do You Think Exercise Order Matters?
Do you think it matters if you do cardio before weight training or weights before cardio?

What Was Your Biggest Exercise Training Mistake
What was your biggest exercise training mistake? Share your advice and help others avoid the same exercise training mistakes you made

What Are Your Favorite Running Stretches?
Have you discovered a great stretch that you do regularly that keeps you injury-free, fast and flexible?

Do You Use Topical Sports Creams for Muscle Pain?
Do you use sports creams or gels? How have they helped you? How have they not helped you?

What Sports Build the Best Abs?
There are some sports that naturally build a great core and help you get a great six-pack without the boring abdominal exercises. What types of athletes do you think have the best abs?

Your Favorite Interval Training Workout Routine
The right interval training not only builds fitness fast, but it helps you get race-ready, burns more calories and improves endurance. Do you have a favorite interval workout?

Favorite Foods for Exercise Recovery
Do you have a favorite post-exercise snack or meal that helps promote recovery? Tell us how you discovered it and why you think it works.

Share Your Trail Running Tips
Share your advice with other runners who want to break into trail running

Crazy Sports Parents Stories
If you've seen any crazy sports parents at youth sports, tell us about it and help other parents learn what not to do at their kid's games.

What Are Your Favorite Foods and Drinks Before Exercise?
Share your favorite pre-exercise meal or drink ideas with other sports medicine readers.

What Was Your Biggest Race Day Mistake
What was your biggest race day mistake? Share your advice and help others avoid the same mistakes during competition.

Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Allowed in Sports?
The debate over drugs in sports generates strong feelings on both sides. What do you think?

Share Your Favorite Body Weight Workout Routine
Body weight workouts are a great way to get fit on a budget. Do you have a favorite body weight workout? Share your best ideas with the rest of us!

What Winter Sport Is the Most Thrilling?
What Winter event makes your heart race and your palms sweat?

Have You Ever Had a Sports Injury Misdiagnosed?
Share your injury misdiagnosis story with other sports medicine readers.

Share Your Tapering Plan Prior to an Endurance Competition
Have you found a successful tapering plan prior to an endurance competition? Tell us about it! Share your best tapering plans or schedules for a specific race or competition.

Favorite Exercise to Improve Vertical Jump
Readers share their favorite exercises to improve vertial jump.

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