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Beyond Basic Training - Tips for Reaching Peak Performance


There are many factors that determine an athlete's sports performance. After you mastered the basic training concepts, having some additional knowledge and understanding can help you reach the next level of sports performance.
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Gear & Gifts for Athletes

Injinji Toesocks

Need some new gear? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect present for an athlete. These lists include reviews and recommendations for the top gear, clothing and accessories for every fitness fanatic.

Sports Psychology

The mind is as much of a part of excelling in a sport as the body. Many elite athletes rely on sports psychology techniques, skills and tools to get a mental advantage over the competition and learn how to improve their focus.

Sports Nutrition | Hydration

The right nutrition can help you excel in sports, recover faster, decrease your risk of injury, and even reduce muscle soreness. Proper sports nutrition can also help you avoid dehydration, hitting the wall (bonking), general exercise fatigue, and more. Fuel your body right to get the most out of your efforts.

Fitness Testing | Assessment

Fitness Testing

A fitness assessment is a series of measurements that help determine health status and physical fitness of an individual. There are and endless number of possible tests and measurements that trainers and coaches may use to determine an individual's baseline fitness level and help design an appropriate exercise program. Here are some of the most common fitness tests.

Abs | Core Conditioning

Learn the Best Ab Exercises

When it comes to moves that target muscle groups, abdominal training exercises are amongst the most popular. But it's selecting those that are proven to be most effective, and performing them properly, that will get you the strong core you're after.

Safety | Injury Prevention

You Can Prevent Sports Injury

Practicing sports safety can help you stay injury-free. Warming up adequately, training effectively, using proper equipment for your sport, and recognizing and addressing the early warning signs of injury can reduce your risk of common sports injuries, aches and pains.

Reader Tips, Stories and Advice

Check out these pages where you can read and share advice, stories and tips about health, fitness and injuries.

Sports Science | Exercise Physiology

Improve Your Athletic Performance

Whether you're a seasoned athletes or just starting, there are some basics training guidelines and principles that you need to keep in mind in order to get the most from your training. These articles can help you set or reassess your training methods and help you achieve your goals.

Shoes & Feet

The Nike Free Run+

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the best shoes and socks for your activity can help keep you both comfortable and injury-free.

Training Guides

Learn New Ways to Train for Your Sport

Athletes need to practice in order to perform well. Training efficiently for your sport and varying your workouts and skill drills can help you avoid burnout and boredom, as well as reach new levels of performance.

Strength Training Guides

Strength Training for Sports

Strength training is a critical component to athletic performance. Increasing muscular strength and endurance improves an athlete's ability to exercise more efficiently, avoid injury and recovery faster.

Ergogenic Aids | Sports Supplements

Athletes often look for alternative nutritional supplements or substances to improve performance. Some of these substances are naturally occurring and completely legal while others are manufactured, illegal or banned by many sporting organizations.

Exercise & Extreme Conditions

Exercise in Extreme Conditions

Athletes often find themselves exercising in extreme outdoor weather conditions including extreme cold, heat, or altitude. These conditions require special preparation and knowledge in order to perform at an optimal level while staying comfortable and safe.

Education | Employment

Want a job in sports medicine and wellness? There are many jobs and career opportunities in fields related to sports and sports medicine. The following pages can get you started on your career.

Sports Medicine Special Topics

Sports Medicine covers a wide variety of topics and affects a large population of exercisers. These items focus on specific age groups, health conditions and other targeted sports medicine topics.

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