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Basic Training - Workout Routines & Exercises for Athletes


Get expert advice about the basic workout routines and exercises for better sports performance, injury prevention and recovery.
  1. Sports Nutrition | Hydration Tips
  2. Strength Exercises | Routines
  3. Sports-Specific Training
  4. Ab & Core Exercises | Routines
  5. Injury Prevention Routines | Exercises
  6. Injury Rehab Routines | Exercises
  1. Stretching Routines | Exercises
  2. Exercise Equipment Advice | Safety
  3. Fitness Equipment | Gear
  4. Youth Sports | Fitness
  5. Women-Specific Training | Workouts

Sports Nutrition | Hydration Tips

Proper Hydration for Sports

Proper hydration and nutrition help you excel in sports and keep up your energy. But knowing what to eat and drink, and when, can also help you prevent potentially serious sports-related complications, such as dehydration. Proper sports nutrition can also help you recovery faster and decrease your risk of injury.

Strength Exercises | Routines

Strength Training for Sports

Strength training is a critical component to athletic performance. Increasing muscular strength and endurance improves an athlete's ability to exercise more efficiently, avoid injury and recovery faster.

Sports-Specific Training

Cycling Workouts

Sample exercises, workout routines, and skills training routines and schedules for specific sports.

Ab & Core Exercises | Routines

Learn the Best Ab Exercises

When it comes to moves that target muscle groups, abdominal training exercises are amongst the most popular. But it's selecting those that are proven to be most effective, and performing them properly, that will get you the strong core you're after.

Injury Prevention Routines | Exercises

You Can Prevent Sports Injury

Many sports injuries can be prevented, or at least reduced, if you take some basic precautions. Make sure you are prepared for your activity physically and mentally, and use the appropriate safety equipment.

Injury Rehab Routines | Exercises

Using Crutches Takes Practice

If you've suffered an injury, you need to returns to sports slowly. These tips, advice and general rehab exercise routines may be recommended by your physician or physical therapist to help you return to sports after an injury.

Stretching Routines | Exercises

Stretching for Athletes

Proper stretching and flexibility exercises are essential for athletes. Learn how and why to stretch, benefits and limitations, and sample flexibility routines.

Exercise Equipment Advice | Safety

Learn How To Row

Some sports injuries can be avoided or by understanding how to fit, set-up, and use your sports equipment or gear. Learn how to use and maintain your equipment with these tips.

Fitness Equipment | Gear

While never a substitute for a proper training routine, the right fitness training gear and exercise equipment can help you improve your performance.

Youth Sports | Fitness

Children have special needs when it comes to sports conditioning, and injury prevention. Young athletes also need to vary their training routine and have parents and coaches who help them develop discipline on and off the field.

Women-Specific Training | Workouts

Women Sports Safety

Much of the available sports medicine information comes from studies conducted on men. Today we are finding that women often respond very differently to sports training, injury prevention and recover methods. Here are some women-specific tips and information you may find helpful.

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