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Quick Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight workout routine for fast home fitness


Updated April 17, 2013

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Here's a quick bodyweight workout routine you can do at home with no equipment other than your own body weight. For a quick, "do anywhere" workout, after a ten-minute warm-up, perform each exercise for one minute with 15 seconds rest between exercises. Perform the routine two to three times as your fitness improves.

1. Plank With Leg Lift

Plank With Leg Lift
Photo � E Quinn

The plank exercise is a great core-strengthening exercise that builds both strength and stability.

2. Side Plank

Side Plank
Photo � E Quinn

The side plank exercise is a simple and effective way to increase hip strength and stability while building core strength.

3. One-Leg Squat and Reach

One Leg Squat and Reach
Photo � E Quinn

The one-leg squat and reach exercise is a good balance and stregth exercise.  


4. Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunch
Photo � E Quinn

A simple effective core strengthener that  is at the top of the list of best exercises for the rectus abdominus.

5. Push-Ups

Push Up - Start
Photo � E Quinn

Anyone can do pushups. 

6. Tuck Jump

Tuck Jump
Photo (c) Nick White/ Getty Images

The tuck jump exercise is an advanced plyometric exercise that helps develop explosive power using only your body weight. Be careful to land softly to avoid injuries. It should be done only after a complete warm up. 

7. 30-Second Sprints

Photo (c) RM Steele / Getty Images

Evidence shows that short, high intensity sprint workouts improve aerobic capacity and endurance in about half the time of traditional endurance exercise. If you are doing a body-weight workout at home, just step out your front door and add a 30-second sprint down the block and back as part of your home routine. Because sprints are fairly intense, it's important to do them right. Follow these sprint tips and safety precautions.

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