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Leg Pain and Injuries

Information about leg pain and injuries, including cause, diagnosis, treatment and prevention tips. (shin splints, compartment syndrome, achilles tendonitis, achilles tendon rupture, calf strain, stress fracture, muscle cramps, abrasions and 'Road Rash.')

Share Your Calf Strain Story
Calf strains, pulls and general calf pain are common running injuries. Share your experience with calf strain injuries and rehab.See submissions

Stress Fractures - How Have You Treated a Stress Fracture
Stress fractures are tiny cracks in the bones that often occur from overuse or repeated stress on a bone.

Muscle Spasm and Cramps - What Causes Painful Muscle Spasm and Cramps
A muscle spasm or cramp is an involuntary and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax.

Shin Splint Treatment - Products that Help Shin Splints Heal Faster
If you have shin splints these products may help you limit further injury, reduce pain and heal faster.

Shin Splints
Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) is a common running injury that results in pain over the shin bone. Learn how you can treat or prevent shin splints.

Prevent Shin Splints - Avoid the Most Common Causes of Shin Splints
Some of the most common causes of shin splints are preventable. Here's what you can do to avoid the pain of shin splints.

Quadriceps Pull or Tear

Muscle Cramps

Hamstrings Pull or Tear
Hamstring Pull, Tear, or Strain - the most common injury among runners.

IT Band Pain

Quadriceps Pull Treatment

Compartment Syndrome

Lower Leg Anatomy and Physiology

Stress Fracture
Stress fractures in the leg are often the result of overuse or repeated impacts on a hard surface.

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