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Sports Injury Prevention

Expert tips and techniques for preventing sports injury.
  1. Extreme Weather Exercise Safety (18)
  2. Injury Prevention Exercises (12)
  3. Safety Gear and Equipment (5)

Lateral Band Walking Exercise
The lateral mini-band walking exercise gets the glute medius firing and aids with both hip and knee stability.

The Grid Foam Roller Review
The Grid Foam Roller has a unique design that may offer you a better way to perform self-massage.

How to Recognize Unsafe or Dangerous Exercises
What are safe and unsafe exercises? How do you know what exercises to avoid? Today we determine the safety of any particular exercise in terms of the risk of injury to the person performing that particular movement.

Can Athletes Get an Edge with Sports Massage?
Athletes frequently get massage before and after athletic events or training, but are the benefits more than psychological?

Your Workout Routine: 5 Things You Should Never Do When You Exercise
Many people getting into the groove of a workout routine and let some pretty important things that can make their workout routine effective and safe slide. Are you one of them? Here, 5 common workout routine mistakes to avoid.

Prevent Sports Injuries
Things to keep in mind when beginning or changing your exercise routine.

10 Tips for Safe Workouts
Things to keep in mind when beginning or changing your exercise routine.

Exercise and Immunity
Moderate exercise may boost the immune system function, but intense exercise can have the the opposite effect.

Staph and Community Acquired MRSA Infections in Athletes
Due to close contact, athletes may be more likely to get Community Acquired MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus), a type of bacteria that has become resistant to many antibiotics.

How to Prevent Sports Injuries
Injury rates can be reduced by 25% by taking these preventative measures.

Running on Sand or Grass May Increase Risk of Injury
While running on sand or grass would seem to decrease the risk of sports injuries, sports medicine experts see more sprains, strains and tendonitis from running on these uneven and inconsistent surface.

Ten Tips to Prevent Colds and the Flu this Winter
With more of us spending time indoors in the winter, it's easier for germs to spread. Learn how to keep coughs, colds and the flu from finding you this year.

Top 8 Mouth Guards - Mouth Protection
Mouth guards protect the teeth and jaw of athletes who might sustain an impact to the head or face.

Fitness Linked to Fewer Doctor Visits
Men who maintain fitness, or become fit, are less likely to have physician visits or overnight hospital stays

Exercise Should Not Cause Pain
Exercise should not cause pain. Smart athletes listen to their body's warning signs and adjust their exercise to avoid pain and get results.

Mouth Guards Prevent Teeth and Mouth Injuries in Athletes
Mouth guards reduce the risk of broken or lost teeth and other jaw and mouth injuries. Learn more about the selection and use of mouth guards for sports.

Desert Hiking Safety Tips
Hiking in the desert requires a special packing list to prepare for the hot, dry and extreme desert climate.

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