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2012 Fitness Gift Guide
On the lookout for a few healthy gift idea this holiday? The 2012 Fitness Guide Guide id for you.

Top Hydration Packs for Athletes
A hydration pack can be an athlete's best friend. Here are some top picks for hydration packs for athletes on the go.

Mountain Biking Gear Essentials
Gear and equipment for mountain biking.

Gift Ideas for Active Men
This Father's Day, give your Dad a gift that will encourage his active lifestyle and improve his game -- no matter what sport he plays.

Gift Ideas for Runners
Gift Ideas for Runners.

Gifts for Golfers
Gifts for Golfers

Gym Bag Essentials
Gym Bag Essentials. Here's a list of the basic "must haves" for your gym bag, plus a few little luxury items nice to have stowed away just in case.

Top Picks -Sports Watches
A list of some the top selling sports watches for athletes.

Abdominal Exercise Equipment
Some of the best abdominal exercise equipment choices for your home gym.

Barefoot Running Shoes
The most popular barefoot and minimal running shoes.

Top Picks - Sports Watches for Women
A list of some the top selling sports watches for women who play sports.

Cushioned Running Shoes
The best stability running shoes for mild support and cushioning.

Top 10 Sports Sunglasses
Here are some of the top picks for Sport Sunglass for men and women athletes.

Injinji Toe Socks Review
Injinji toe socks are like little gloves for your feet.

Skullcandy Earbuds Review
Skullcandy earbuds are ideal workout headphones because they provide both comfort and quality.

Exercise Equipment for a Home Gym
Exercise equipment choices for a bigger budget home gym.

Top Trail Running Shoes for Women
For women who run the trails and need a sturdy off-road running shoe with great traction, here are some top picks.

The Grid Foam Roller Review
The Grid Foam Roller Review. The Grid foam roller is a great option for anyone who travels.

Thera-Roll Textured Therapy Foam Roller Review
Thera-Roll Textured Therapy Foam Roller Review. This unique foam roller is great for athletes looking for a better myofacial massage.

Montrail Masochist Trail Running Shoes
Guide review of this waterproof and breathable trail running shoe.

Brooks Cascadia 6 Trail Running Shoes
Guide review of this waterproof and breathable trail running shoe.

Adidas Kanadia TR 3 Trail Running Shoes
Guide review of this waterproof and breathable trail running shoe.

Top Motion Control Running Shoes
Motion control shoes offer lightweight and stability all in the same shoe.

Bike Gear Essentials - Bike Shorts and Cycling Jerseys
Tight, black lyric bike shorts may look a bit strange to some people, but for a cyclist, bike shorts offer both comfort and function on the bike.

Cycling Shoes and Clipless Pedals
Cycling shoes come in a variety of styles, and offer specialized fit and function, including cleats that clip into special pedals. Read more to discover the best cycling shoe for your needs.

Balance and Proprioception Training Products
Exercise and training tools or products to improve balance and proprioception for sport and to rehab athletic injuries.

Shoe Inserts, Insoles, Orthotics
Not every athlete needs an insert, but if you are prone to overuse injuries, or have foot, knee or back pain or instability, you may benefit from one.

Top Workout and Training Videos for Athletes
Some of the better options for working out in your living room.

Body Composition and Body Fat Analysis Products
Body composition and body fat analysis using scales and monitors - recommended products.

Best Heart Rate Monitors
A heart rate monitor is a device that measures and displays your heart rate while training.

Tees, Tops and Shirts for Exercise
Guide picks of the best high performance tops for athletes. What to wear to keep you dry and comfortable while working up a sweat.

Socks for Exercise
Top picks for socks specifically for exercisers and other active people.

Hats For Winter Activity

Top Picks To Help Relax Aching Muscles
Product recommendations to help sooth aching muscles and relax after exercise.

Mouth Guards - Mouth Protection
Mouth guards protect the teeth and jaw of athletes who might sustain an impact to the head or face. Here are some top picks for mouth guards you can buy online.

Best Fitness Gadgets for Athletes
Exercise training gadgets seem to get fancier every year with high-tech phone apps and portable fitness trackers that keep track of your daily workout details and tell you what to do next. But there are still some basic low-tech gadgets that help you build fitness the lod fashion way. Will these fitness gadgets and devices will make you a...

Heart Rate Monitor Makers
Heart Rate Monitors Picks. If you are looking for a heart rate monitor here are the top brands for selection and price.

Top Trail Running Shoes
For runners who need a sturdy off-road trainer with added traction. These shoes offer the best traction, with stability and durability.

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