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Readers Respond: Do You Do Cardio Before Weights Or Weights Before Cardio?

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Updated April 14, 2011

Is there a right or wrong way to organize a workout? The answer really depends upon your specific training goals, the available energy for exercise and your personal preference. But whether you do weight lifting first or cardio first, it is important to begin a workout with a gradual warm up before increasing workout intensity.

How do you order your weight and cardio workouts? Do you think exercise order matters?

Decide your overall goal

If your goal is to shed body fat, then you should be doing intense weight training before cardiovascular. At least 30 minutes of intense weight training. This will allow your body to utilize the sugar's that you have taken in throughout the day and burn them accordingly. Doing this will enable you to target the fat that you're after during your cardiovascular workout. After all, no one is trying to hold on to that extra tire for safe keeping.
—Guest Jason Escobar

Cardio Before Strength Training

It is very important to have increased blood flowing before strength training to avoid injury and maximize muscle contraction. It is just wasting time trying to get warmed up doing say bicep curls. I like to train 7 days a week: 15-30min cardio, 3-5sets pull-ups, sit-ups / core excersises and one set of max push-ups then continue with 1 of four different muscle groups and repeating every four days. Just use the muscles you want to keep, the rest of them will go away after awhile. Finish up with 10-15min of cardio. Learning to train within your limitations and working through the pain to achieve goals is never easy but is a reward that is yours alone. Enjoy it.
—Guest Jorge C


I go to gym every alternative day and I do 40min to 1hr jogging on treadmill, then I do 1hrs heavy weight (for my limit), then 1km jogging on treadmill. If I do not follow this routine I d onot feel I am doing anything. I am planning to go for min 3km after weights. After weights, jogging on threamill is not very fun but this is how I love doing exercise. I want stamina and strength, not huge muscles. Hope this works.
—Guest JEET

time issues...

I find that as long as I have done my 30 mins cardio each time I go to the gym that I still feel like I have had a work out even if I have to cut short my weights. My Goal is weight loss so the cardio for now is to me the most important.
—Guest Emma

Cardio or weights

Being a trained athlete (played 17 years) weights were always done first. Even before games we warmed up (normal workout for the average person) with weights. Recovery drinks are also a waste of money, drink juice if you need the sugars to get some energy back, diet is 90% of the whole picture anyway. If you are eating right you should need very few vitamins, just make sure you are getting minerals. Of course Bo don't know diddly.
—Guest Bo

Does order matter to you

I am a personal trainer, and i don't believe the BS about strength loss after cardio. I run 3 miles and still can go just as heavy as i do on non cardio days. Running afterwards is bad juju. You are fighting your body, as all the blood is in your muscles and you are running heavy. Now the blood must make its way from the muscles to help cardio. I will argue this fact with any top trainer, and i will prove it to them.
—Guest John S

What Ever is Needed

I personally have trouble motivating my self to do the cardio I need. Basically im not good at it because if I don't have to do it I won't. So I always make myself do a good cardio work out before I get to lift. I also walk laps around the gym between exercises it keeps my blood flowing and allows me to focus my attention on what is next. I find it a good way to forget about a bad exercise and get it out of my head so it won't affect my next exersise.
—Guest Ben

Never together

I have been exercising regularly for 30 years (now aged 63) and have made every mistake in the book! We all need an efficient cardio-vascular system as the foundation of good health, and 3 sessions a week are required as a minimum to maintain optimum fitness. I now run much more slowly than I used to, but the duration of each session is a minimum of 45 minutes, and occasionally 90 minutes. I always use amino acid recovery drinks and glucosamine/MSM supplements to aid recovery. 2 or 3 times a week I spend on resistance training down the gym. Session time of 75 minutes. Protein drink after exercise. I have tried all mixtures of routines. If I perform Resistance after Cardio, I am too tired to get the full benefit of the weights. If I perform Cardio after Resistance I suffer injuries to joints and hamstrings. The optimum method for me is to alternate between both disciplines, but never both on the same day. I am in great condition, and have been right thru my 50s.
—Guest Mike Rooke

cardio first or weight training

I feel weight training first is the best way to go. Personally, I find that when I do cardio first, my knees, joints are stiff. But for some reason, after 30-45 weight training session, the blood is flowing and the stiffness and aches in my knees/joints are diminished.
—Guest Indifference

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