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Readers Respond: The Best Advice You Got from Your Coach

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Updated October 16, 2009

From the article: What Makes a Good Coach?
Great coaches do more than just explain the rules of the game. A great coach is also a great teacher who inspires and empowers an athlete to realize and develop his or her full sports potential. In some cases, a coach's advice may extend far beyond the playing field and even shape an athlete's character off the field.

How about you? What's the best advice you ever received from a coach? Did it help your sports performance or did it extend beyond sports and change how you live your life?

T-E-A-M Togehter Each Achieves More

Very true a bunch of individuals won't win in any team sport
—Guest Chris


If you don't smile at least once before, during or after your workout, you are with the wrong coach.
—Guest triguy

National Standards for Sport Coaches

Coaches today should aspire to meet the requirements of the National Standards for Sport Coaches. The Standards break down coaching responsibilities into 8 major areas. Don't worry the Standards cover what an elite coach should be competent at as well as a youth sport coach.
—Guest Guest Chris

I'll never forget..

..Proper preparation prevents poor performance -Really all you need to know, you compete the same way you practice.
—Guest Timbo

Have fun!

My coach always reminded me that no matter what to have fun with it, and enjoy the ride. There have some tmes that its been tough that it has sucked, but that advice has always calmmed down and reminded me I can do bigger and better things.
—Guest Bonnie

Look where you want to go

When cycling around corners or in a pack... "Look where you want to go, not where you don't want to go." True advice - looking where you don't want to go somehow always leads you there. Strange but true.
—Guest bikerchick

don't train in pain

Simple advice that we often ignore ... "don't train in pain."
—Guest trackman

Everyone is anxious before a game

My coach told me that everyone gets anxious. Yes, even the guys on the other team that I am so threatened by. Once I realized that they are no better or worse, it seemed to make them more human and then I felt like I could compete and win against them and my self esteem increased as well.
—Guest TNY-GM

Use Imagery

I had a coach who taught me how to use metal imagery before a game and it totally worked to help calm me down and feel more confident in my game (golf). She told me that if I can really experience the shot in my mind & body before the game, I can recall it during the game. It does takes practice, but it's helped me a lot.
—Guest Misha
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