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Readers Respond: How Do You Beat Exercise Boredom?

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Updated August 31, 2009

I exercise year-round and seldom take a long hiatus. I mix up my workouts, cross train and take vacations that bring novelty, new scenery and new exercise options. Even so, I still find myself bored with exercise every so often. During these bouts of boredom, none of my standard workout routines sound very enjoyable. When this happens, a week of downtime usually does the trick for me. I return to exercise physically renewed and much more motivated.

What about you? Have you ever found yourself bored silly with your exercise routine? If so, what changes have you made that revived your love of exercise?

Get outside

Get outside. The gym is always boring, outdoors never.
—Guest KarenB

Pay for a Group or Class

I sign up for a group or a class doing something new whenever I stop exercising on my own. Once I pay for the enrollment I always go. Money motivates!
—Guest Sporty In SoCal


Sometimes all I need is the right music to make my workout great. Listen to something you love or something new... just make sure it has the right beat to go with your exercise.
—Guest RickT

sign up for an event

Training for something real always helps me find a reason to train. Having a purpose other than the vague concept of staying in shape or getting fit is always helpful for me. I like bike tours and fun runs the best because they are sort of easy to train for and give me a goal I can meet.
—Guest Sally
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