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Readers Respond: Do You Use Visualization?

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Updated May 19, 2010

Many athletes routinely use visualization techniques as part of sports training. Those who use them often report that it improves their sports performance, mental awareness and sense of well-being. What do you think? Have you tried visualization techniques to improve your performance? How has it worked for you? Share Your Experience

It does help

Yes it does work, I studied to become a personal trainer and one of the courses included teaching us to use visualization which does work 100%
—Guest will

yes, it helps

I used to compete in biathlon (skiing & target shooting) and we would use imagery to to calm our breathing and "see" the target. I do think it works, but you need to practice over and over.
—Guest runner5

Barriers; inherent part of Visualization

Really enjoyed the article, however through my extensive research about sports psychology and the mental game, barrier recognition is a vital part to an athlete's success. I work with not only athletes, but non athletes as well talking about the entire visualization process.

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Do You Use Visualization?

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