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Readers Respond: Have You Gotten Sick After Intense Endurance Exercise?

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Updated April 04, 2011

From the article: Exercise and Immunity
Research suggests that moderate exercise may boost the immune system, but more than 90 minutes of high-intensity endurance exercise may make you susceptible to illness for up to 72 hours after the exercise session. In fact, many marathon runners and triathletes seem to wind up with a cold in the week following their big race.

How about you? Have you ever gotten sick after intense endurance exercise? Share your story. Share Your Experience

Not just immunity, but GI as well!

I have just recently completed a half ironman. By finishing it, I figured the worse was over. But little did I realize, that a large s/s endurance athletes experience after such an event is diarrhea and severe GI upset. Upon completion, I could no longer eat or drink and began to have severe, watery diarrhea. Exhausted, I slept for the remaining part of the day into the night. I awoke at 3am, and still had not been able to eat or drink since 2:30pm the day before. I attempted to force myself to drink a small sip of water, and immediately found myself throwing up everything that I had eaten the day prior and during the race. I had someone drive me to the ER in order to receive fluids (3 NS boluses, for the medical people out there). I felt much better after that, but I wanted everyone to be forewarned: This is what can happen to you post-endurance event!
—Guest Tyne

I'm better now!!

Absolutely!! Ran 80 miles a month for 8 months and stayed sick after a half M. Started running lower mileage more often and I feel great. This is so true!!
—Guest Matt4190

Sick after training

Yes, I'm sick after doing what I'll consider as an endurance training 90min of easy pace. I'm training for my 1st half marathon looks like I'm overtraining. But now I'm sitting with my healthy sandwich and vitamin C rich drink hoping to be better ASAP
—Guest Star

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Have You Gotten Sick After Intense Endurance Exercise?

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