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Readers Respond: What's On Your Workout Playlist?

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Updated January 04, 2013

Do you have a few favorite workout songs? Have you created a playlist for a specific workout? These days, most people have a personal soundtrack for exercising these days and the gym is the perfect place to walk (or run, ride or lift) to the beat of your own drummer. Share a few of your favorite workout songs?


hybrid theory by linkin park for lifting and all of anberlin's albums for jogs -- also, i've found that the rhythm of coldplay's music is very, very steady and helps for longer distance runs.
—Guest gumby


Training my taekwondo tournament team, ages 10-45, I utilize music in warm-ups: static and dynamic stretching, sprints, target kicking, low hurdles and plyometrics. My primary purpose is to promote rhythm in body movement, particularly foot work. I play songs with a heavy back-beat like "Disco Inferno" by the Trammps, James Brown's "Living in America", Aretha Franklin's "Freeway of Love", OJ's "Love Train" and a CD full of others. We play them loud. This is hardly a comtemporary idea -- boxers, for instance, have long used upbeat music while working on the speed bag or jumping rope. I hold a 7th dan master rank and while traditional, sport specific, work is essential I am always on the lookout for new training approaches that are effective, safe and understood by my students. There are new techniques and equipment developing on a regular basis and good i. But it seems that music has an enduring quality. I even use mellow music for meditation, something like Herbie Hancock's "Bubbles."
—Guest joe nawrozki

Better Than Her

Matisse. Amazing. So much motivation for running! She just makes you wanna run forever. "I'll do it better than her!"
—Guest littlemiss

OK Go, "Get Over It"

I hate the weight lifting part of my workout so this song helps get me through it. It's kind of angry and telling me to just get over it :)
—Guest weights are boring

Modest Mouse - "Dashboard"

Modest Mouse's "Dashboard" -- Love this for any stair stepper or elliptical machine interval.
—Guest mousemouse

Crazy Train

Ozzy! ozzy Osbourne, Crazy Train may be an oldie, but it's perfect for a weight workout in the gym.
—Guest bradleyK
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