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Readers Respond: Have You Been Treated for a Torn ACL?

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Updated April 07, 2010

I tore my Acl playing street basketball

On July 7, 2010, I was playing 3-on-3 with some of my friends. At some point of the game I ran for the rebound on which I managed to grab the ball before my opponent did. The next thing I heard was a popping sound & the moment that happened I screamed in pain, cursing & swearing cuz the pain was so unbearable. Now it's July 19, almost 2 weeks & I find myself still limping around a little bit & from day 1 I sustained this injury, I have used the crutches only once. Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share my story.
—Guest O.simigaq

Career Ending Injury

It was the state championship game for our extremely talented high school football team. There was about a minute left to go in the game, and we were getting absolutely killed (The starters should not have even been playing at this point). The opposing team decided to put there fresh legged, second string quarterback into the game. The first play that he was in, there was a fake handoff and I knew he was heading my way (I played outside linebacker). As I prepared for him to juke me out, he went right, I went right, and then he cut back to the inside. That is when it all happened. I planted on my right foot and turned back to grab him and SNAP! My knee felt like it popped and had a feeling like I had never felt before. Well, since that day, my life took a major change. I was heavily recruited to play college football and thought that that was what I wanted to pursue in life. I ended up not playing college ball, even after surgery and rehab, because sports are just not worith it
—Guest Benjamin

Fully torn acl

I tore my acl while playing soccer. I reached to get the ball and put all of my weight on my left leg. Then a girl came up behind me and pushed me and my knee over extended causing a pop and I fell to the ground and held my knee for a good 10 min. I couldn't walk and it was extremly painful. So I had to get surgery but I went to rehab 2 months before which really helped. I got surgery Jan 14 and it's now June 30. July 14 will be my 6 months and I can play a long as I wear my brace.
—Guest Abbie

3 ACL Surgeries

My daughter in her freshman year of high school playing basketball in championship, she cut and felt her knee pop. She finished playing the game and won. I picked her up after a 3 hr ride home, the coach didnt think she had torn her ACL cuz she didnt complain the whole time til she got in the car. Then the tears started and she could barely talke as she said "it hurts so bad". She went through surgery (hanstring graft) and 6mo of rehab. Then after her sophmore year she joined a summer traveling team 1 year and 1 month she tore the same ACL and small tear in miniscus that he was able to shave, this time it was a bone graft repair she said it was much more painful than hamstring repair, she had alot more kneecap pain after surgery and in rehab. In her junior year she was playing basketball again she pivoted again, and tore her ACL and tore both miniscus on the other knee she had her last surgery on 12-28-2009, she has just finished her rehab. Very scared to play again, but her knees match.
—Guest Denise Harmon

ACL & meniscus, 1 week till surgery

tore those while playing volleyball (oddly enough, i've been playing soccer forever) and am having surgery in a week. i'm 15 and missed out on league finals and cif for track, the rest of league and a week-long tournament for volleyball, probable varsity volleyball, league for club soccer, and the majority of high school soccer season... hoping to be back in 6 months! having hamstring graft... gerald, have surgery!
—Guest lilly

Torn my acl in football

At the beginning of my junior football year two or three days into camp my knee came out of place after being hit during a practice it twisted when i was tackle making my knee come out of place, after coming back serveral weeks later with only a small mcl injury (says my doctor) two days back into practice i was running to block someone my knee came out of place again but this time much worse the trainer had to put it back in place so went to the doctors and was told bad news for i torn my acl and possible cartilage but now two or three months later im waiting for surgery been waiting for the whole school year now its the second to last day of school and im never allowed to play contact sports again Hoping to have surgery in july -- wish good luck.....
—Guest Zach bozeman

In pre-hab now

I tore my ACL almost a month ago doing gymnastics. I am 41 years old. I was doing a layout full twist and landed with my foot in between two mats and my knee twisted. The sound was horrendous! I am gaining range of motion every day and am hoping to have surgery in 3 weeks. It's all about the pre-hab. You have to be in good shape before the surgery or you will have issues afterwards.
—Guest Ivy

Day of Surgery

I completely tore my ACL (with a partial meniscus tear), coming up inches short of a 15-foot-gap, landing, in the Terrain Park, on my snowboard. I just completed 9 weeks of prehabilitation, and received surgery (hamstring graft) today. I am in a lot of pain, but my PT's say recovery should go great because of Pre-Hab. I recommend anyone with a serious, trauma related, cruciate ligament tear should do pre-hab. It makes you so much stronger and builds muscle memory for when you get back to your exercises. In fact, my meniscus repaired perfectly, so this saves a lot of pain in post-surgery. I will post again in a couple weeks, but as of 12 hours later, I hurt really bad in the anterior of my knee. And yes, females CAN snowboard, and I kicked
—Guest 21FSnowboarderAZ

Tore ACL playing Wii

This was 2 years ago, I was 21 when it happened, I was playing the Wii with my brother in the living room on carpet wearing socks, it was some boxing game that was quite entertaining at the time and still is. Anyways, After 3 matches of the game my left foot slipped and gave way inwards and I basically had all my weight crash on my left knee, heard a loud pop and instant pain happened right when it popped. My knee swelled up, it was twice the sized of my right knee. I fell to the floor and for a good ten minutes holding my knee too attempt to minimize the pain. Had to ice my knee repeatedly every 15-20 minutes for a good 4-6 hours before I was able to kinda walk after with a limp. Just last month I had the surgery for it and right now its way better, a little numbness in the leg but thats normal from what the doc says. My ACL was half torn and a fraction of the meniscus was torn. Just a long time of Physio ahead to get through. Cant wait till I can do sports again. Thanks for reading
—Guest Marc

Completely torn ACL

I tore my ACL in the left knee while trying to push a mattress (with my right leg) in a storage that couldn't go in any further. My left knee popped and I then I lost my support and fell. It swelled up immediately and was very painful. I had the ACL Reconstruction a month later. Rehab was gruesome but was helpful. That was 2 yrs ago. I still have pain. My knee is not flexible as the other. The pain keeps me up at night. Not sure I can believe anyone that says their pain free.

Completely torn ACL

I tore my ACL in the left knee while trying to push a mattress (with my right leg) in a storage that couldn't go in any further. My left knee popped and I then I lost my support and fell. It swelled up immediately and was very painful. I had the ACL Reconstruction a month later. Rehab was gruesome but was helpful. That was 2 yrs ago. I still have pain. My knee is not flexible as the other. The pain keeps me up at night. Not sure I can believe anyone that says their pain free.

6 Months After

Well, right now I'm almost 6 months out and I'm really coming back stronger then I was when I left but sometimes I feel left out of things that I enjoy doing. Because of my acl tear there are still things I cant do.
—Guest mae harper


im only thirteen and ive torn my acl im on awaiting list to get a reconstruction, im not sure tho, uless i actualy think about it i often forget which knee i hurt, when i did it, it hurt real bad but only for about 20 mins and after that it was just a dull ache, for all those people who wanted to know
—Guest dan

Think Before You Act

I was playing basketball for my school and when the play ended a girl who was mad at me pushed me and caused me to twist and fall. I tore my ACL and immediately knew it. I went in for my first surgery where they scoped my knee to make sure that meniscus wasn't torn. 2 months later I had my reconstructive surgery and am recovering well. The first week was extremely painful. The worst part about it is that I barrel race and show jump. I can't do that until I get the ok from my doctor. I have my many horses just sitting out in the field without exercise and I feel so bad. They need constant exercise which they can no longer get. Each one of them gets exercised maybe once a week when I have the strength to lunge them. It goes to show that if you get mad at someone think before you act. I know that if that girl would have I still would be riding.


I tore my acl in my right knee installing a 400 pound transmission. I work for a tranny shop, and I was stomping it onto the dowels in the engine block. I can hardly get off of a creeper, but feeling much better. I can't afford surgery, and my doctor said I have a good chance of regaining over 70 percent of my mobility...is this true for anyone else?
—Guest solocam

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