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Readers Respond: The Best Gifts Ideas for Athletes and Fitness Buffs

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Updated December 04, 2009

Getting the right gift for anyone can be a challenge, but athletes can be especially difficult to shop for. Most athletes are very selective about their clothes and fitness equipment, but there are some gifts that everyone will appreciate.

Whether you are an athlete or regularly shop for one, share your best gift ideas with the rest of us. Tell us about the best fitness gift you received and why it was special?


I got my guy friend a TorsoTee after Oprah mentioned she got one for her trainer as a fun gift. He loves it and sometimes wears it running, people give him a freindly smile.
—Guest Angela

Rockclimbing Gear

My hubby bought me a new harness and shoes so that I don't have to rent anymore and can feel more confident with my own gear. He accompanied those with gift certificates to go climb at the local rock climbing gym!
—Guest Anji Rae

Timex Ironman Watch

I have been wanting a new watch, but Ironman Womens Triathlon watch was more than I expected. The interval timer is the best when working out with repetitive exercises like when doing boot camp. Two time zone settings, lap counter and ability to review laps. All with a sleek look - it's awesome!
—Guest debi

Tiger Tail Massager

I got a Tiger Tail Massage Stick and it is awesome. Now I can get a quick leg massage anytime I want or need one. Thanks, Mom!
—Guest loriT


Give anything that would be called pampering. Most athletes train too much & too hard and never 'treat' themselves to anything soft. Give them a treat (good meal out, spa day, massage, a good book, or a movie). Something to get them to stop and slow down or heal a tired, over worked body!
—Guest deb

Books and Magazines

get a book about their favorite athlete, sport or a magazine subscription they don't have. It's a great way to show them you know what they are interested in and want them to stay informed.
—Guest ideaman


Athlete's love gear. Just look at what they do regularly and replace a piece of gear that they have that is old, worn or overused. Or get one in a different color.
—Guest rarah

A Sports Massage

What athlete can't use a sports massage? It's the best gift ever!
—Guest Timbuk3

Health Club Membership

I received one recently and thought it was a great gift. Now I'm more likely to keep up my exercise routine through the cold and snow of winter -- I usually stop exercising in winter, but not this year. Thanks Franny!
—Guest joesoma

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