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Readers Respond: Do You Have A Favorite Brand of Athletic Sock for Your Sport?

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Updated June 22, 2009

Most athletes today tend to use socks made with newer synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the foot. Typical materials include CoolMax®, Drymax®, Smartwool and polypropylene. For running and hiking, I'm a huge fan of the Smartwool brand of socks. What about you? Do you have a favorite sock for certain sports? Why do you think it's the best?

SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock

I love the SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock, which has true graduated compression. I slip them on after I leave the gym or finish a run and a few hours later, my legs feel like I never even worked out. You can find them at www.AthleticRecoverySock.com
—Guest Mel

Great Socks

SockGuy.com has the BEST athletic performance socks I have ever used. They are not cotton so they "wick" the perspiration.
—Guest DYaco

Athletic Socks

I use especial CEP compression socks,they reduce muscular vibration and enhances blood flow and oxigenation, as result I achieve a better running performance.
—Guest Gonzalo Gonzalez Krauss


I love my Brooks PED running socks. They are 92% polyester/5% spandex/3% rubber. The Mid-weight moisture transfer sock helps keep the foot dry and comfortable; lower profile creates a sockless look
—Guest Emily

I love Smartwool

Smartwool work for me because my feet stay fairly dry, but the socks hae the right amount of cushion and never bunch up or wrinkle so I rarely have hotspots or friction that lead to blisters. Plus, Smartwool have great styles, weight and colors. Yep, they cost more, but I look for sales and shopr onlinr and buy in bulk when the price is right. They rock!
—Guest Liz

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