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Readers Respond: Do You Have A Favorite Brand of Athletic Sock for Your Sport?

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Updated June 22, 2009

Most athletes today tend to use socks made with newer synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the foot. Typical materials include CoolMax®, Drymax®, Smartwool and polypropylene. For running and hiking, I'm a huge fan of the Smartwool brand of socks. What about you? Do you have a favorite sock for certain sports? Why do you think it's the best? Share Your Favorite Brand

Thro lo padded socks..

They rock as the best sock.. Padded on the bottom, comfy and soft. Great for running or just paddin around in the house.. The make cotton and mixed acrylic.. Vurrry nice.. ; )
—Guest Benni

SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock

I love the SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock, which has true graduated compression. I slip them on after I leave the gym or finish a run and a few hours later, my legs feel like I never even worked out. You can find them at www.AthleticRecoverySock.com
—Guest Mel

Great Socks

SockGuy.com has the BEST athletic performance socks I have ever used. They are not cotton so they "wick" the perspiration.
—Guest DYaco

Athletic Socks

I use especial CEP compression socks,they reduce muscular vibration and enhances blood flow and oxigenation, as result I achieve a better running performance.
—Guest Gonzalo Gonzalez Krauss


I love my Brooks PED running socks. They are 92% polyester/5% spandex/3% rubber. The Mid-weight moisture transfer sock helps keep the foot dry and comfortable; lower profile creates a sockless look
—Guest Emily

I love Smartwool

Smartwool work for me because my feet stay fairly dry, but the socks hae the right amount of cushion and never bunch up or wrinkle so I rarely have hotspots or friction that lead to blisters. Plus, Smartwool have great styles, weight and colors. Yep, they cost more, but I look for sales and shopr onlinr and buy in bulk when the price is right. They rock!
—Guest Liz

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Do You Have A Favorite Brand of Athletic Sock for Your Sport?

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