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Readers Respond: Have You Experienced an Endorphin Rush or "Runner's High" During Exercise?

Responses: 24


Updated June 09, 2009

Every time

Whenever i run and im feeling a little tired, i can kind of transfer the pain to get the high. i dont know how i do it but i can get it as many as 5 times in 30 mins
—Guest Trent

Yes, once!

I ran my first half marathon a few weeks ago, and at 11 miles felt an overwhelming surge of happiness. I couldn't stop grinning and it actually made my scalp tickle. It lasted for a few minutes. I actually just googled endorphin rushes because I was curious to know how many other people had experience this. I have had the floaty easy running feeling before, but this was like taking a drug!
—Guest Rose

Endorphin rush

During my 15k row I had three separate incidents of endorphin rushes this is the first time I have had three during the course of one training session. I would equate it to the feeling of being high detached and euphoric
—Guest Bob London

A different sense of perception

I run the same route once a week, my cool down day, my intensity is usually high because the route is so short. I could run it blind folded if i had to but sometimes i feel as though my legs are moving without any physical demand. My mind is separate from my body and i often day dream, while running, i know it sounds funny but when i come out i have to re-aware myself of my surroundings and that i'm running.
—Guest Logan

No, never

And it's so frustrating. Exercise has never done anything but make me hurt. Not everyone gets it, and for us exercise is miserable torture.
—Guest Jen

A Rush comes!

yes absolutly! I just started working out 3x a week again & when I do get the high its most often about 15-20 mins in to my elliptical routine. I feel a rush wash over me starting with a warmth at the back of my neck that flows downs my arms torso & legs.. I feel weak & exhilarated at the same time for a blisfull couple of seconds & then I go kinda of numb & floating like the other user mentioned. The rest of the work out is a breeze & sometimes I dont want to stop coz it feels so easy to keep going.. I love it, but dont get it every time.No-one can tell me the rush is a theory. I dare anyone to take my blood sample after I have felt this.
—Guest Kariliza

It's like floating

Yes, the runner's high exists. It's a sense of ease and detachment. Almost like floating rather than running. I barely realize my feet ar hitting pavement. The run goes by so quickly and easily it's as though I wasn't exerting at all. In these moments, I often have the best runs of my life.
—Guest Steven

Runners High

Yes - I've experienced it while running and lifting weights. It happens when I'm really stressing my body. I think its the endorphins trying to eliminate/mask the pain/stress. Very pleasant.
—Guest Ken

Yep, but not often

I've experienced a runner's high only a few times during over a decade of running. It's something that would happen only after at least an hour of running when everything was going right and I actually felt like I was floating along. It was weird, but cool. I can see why people get so addicted to running...
—Guest Jo

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