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Reader Submissions: Share a Photo of Your Cast


Updated March 01, 2013

Today, casts come in a variety of plaster or fiberglass materials and offer unique designs, styles, and colors. Some people even personalize their cast with colored covers and graffiti. How about you? Show us your cast.

Colorful cast for a fractured wrist

We had 4 days booked to clean up the yard, collect all the rubbish, clean the pool and surrounds. I was walking backwards pulling a water hose and I tripped backwards over a tree stump. I went to eme…More

My Boring Boot for a Foot Fracture

Running. I caught me heal on the curb and *snap!* It happened so fast. At first I thought it was a sprain, but nearly passed out and couldn't put weight on it at all. It took a lot of Xrays and MRIs …More

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