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Reader Stories: What Was Your Worst Sports Injury?


Updated July 08, 2010

Do you remember your worst sports injury? If you play sports, you probably not only remember your worst sports injuries, but retell those stories for years. Here's your chance to share your story once more. Share your worst sports injury story and help the rest of us learn how not to suffer the same fate.

Ankle Injury

I used to jog some 2-3 laps on a field (baseball field size) and a 4th one running at full speed. I was doing fine until one day....SNAPPP!!..... my ankle!!! I was running kinda fast on the 4th lap a…More

Foot Fracture - Talus & Calcaneus

It was such a silly. fluke type of mistake. I ran across the street, though I cleared the curb, but I actually caught my heel on the edge and as my forward momentum took over, my foot plantar flexed …More

ACL Tear While Skiing Powder

Three things led to tearing my ACL: 1) I was a weekend warrior and my legs were very fatigued after two days of skiing. 2) I didn't warm up properly so my muscles were cold and 3) I was over confiden…More

Bad Road Rash

While biking at a pretty high speed, I hit a patch of loose sand in the corner of a swooping turn. Once my front wheel started drifting out from under me, there was no way to stay upright. It happene…More

Tendinitis in Toe

A combination of things occurred over decades of constant standing on my feet through excruciating pain and improper exercising techniques, improper footwear, and walking on pavement, etc. I thought …More

Fractured Hip During a Run

I was out for a short noontime run, only about 3 miles. I caught my right toe on a protruding rock, flipped and landed squarely on my right hip. It really didn't hurt that much. Two passers-by uprigh…More

Pulled Muscles & Dislocated Shoulder During Softball

I played softball 3 times a week. I was throwing a cut off throw and I heard something pop. I pulled muscles and dislocated my shoulder. It was such a freak thing. The shoulder was put back in place …More

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