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Reader Stories: Running Injuries


Updated September 23, 2010

Did you get hurt running? If you've suffered a running injury tell us about it. Share your story and offer tips or advice for other runners dealing with a similar injury.

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Heel spur injury

Joined US Track and Field and doing warm up exercise in grass field may have caused this injury. This is the first time with any injury and have been doing jogging biking and swimming for two years n…More

Vibram shoes on concrete lead to injury

Vibram shoes high impact on concrete running I do believe those shoes are not for concrete but more soft trail, my ligament because of the non support rub and tapped together like two hummer against …More

Pain after long run in minimalist shoes

Since September I have run 26-31 Km a week. I signed up to run a half-marathon in May and started to increase my long runs in March. Up until three weeks ago, things have been going swimmingly well--…More

Foot/ankle pain after transitioning to Vibram five fingers

I had to replace my running shoes, so I decided to try the Vibram five finger running shoes because I supernate and they are neutral in design. (what I did not realize is that I have a high arch.) I …More

Running Injury - calf and knee pain

when ever i go out for running first i fell my legs are stiff and pain when i get warm up then most i feel ok but lately when i get warm and start to pick up my pace i feel sop pain in knees and had …More

IT Band Syndrome Successfully Treated

Just lots of running without preventive methods. I never really warmed up or cooled down, I never stretched, and I never did an cross-training. Bad idea for IT Band pain! I guess it's just a typical …More

Iliotibial Friction Band Syndrome

I religiously follow the 10 percent rule, so does my running coach who never fails to guide me, BUT i was in my first 25 kilometer run when I experienced the pain on the left side of my left knee. It…More

Faint aching on inside of shin

I am not sure exactly how this happened as it came on very subtly and seemed quite insignificant. My training regimen has been quite consistent so I am not sure what caused this. I tend to do a lot o…More

Shin Pain (Comes and Goes)

The pain is from running. I've never jogged more than 5 miles in a work out or competed in anything larger than a 5K.I stopped running for 9 weeks last spring and the pain came back. My feet aren't f…More

Nagging Pain - Back of Knee

I do not know how it happened, I might have pushed too hard during the half marathon. I have been searching in the internet but I have not been able to find what kind of injury that is and how to cur…More

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