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Pop sound and calf pain

Share Your Story: Share Your Calf Strain Story

By Megan

Updated April 13, 2013

Pop sound and calf pain

Never injured my ankle but that is what bruised

How Did You Strain Your Calf Muscle?

I was skipping through the hall in my home and when i came down on my left foot on the third or fourth skip I felt and heard a pop from my calf and was in instant pain. Had to yell for my mother because I was just teetering on one foot, she brought me her walker and we went to the ER.

Describe Your Calf Strain Rehab Experience

I saw my doctor as well as the doctor at the ER. All they basically did was give me pills crutches and told me to ice it and keep it elevated. I stayed on crutches and the walker for about a month. Took me that long to be able to ut my foot flat on the ground and walk without almost collapsing.


  • Elevate it
  • Ice it
  • 800mg ibuprofen
  • prop it up when you sleep
  • don't try to walk/ exercise on it until its FULLY healed
  • wrap it

How Long Did It Take to Heal?

I don't think its fully healed as I still have issues with it. injured it in july and its now april.

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