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Share Your Story: Share Your Calf Strain Story

By moni

Updated October 26, 2012

How Did You Strain Your Calf Muscle?

I am 4 weeks post shoulder surgery and have been feeling low energy from lack of decent exercise(rehab on my shoulder for 1 to 2 hours a day but no cardio). I have gotten out on walks and short hikes but not much. Today I decided that hiking more would get my energy back. I have new Sorrels and was hiking in the snow, about 1 mile I felt a pop in my calf and sharp sudden pain. could not walk on it, I hobbled to a tree stump. I used the snow to ice it for about ten minutes. my friend found me a stick to use and I limped back home with my cane, very painfully.

Describe Your Calf Strain Rehab Experience

I have not seen a doctor yet as I can barely walk and I would need to go down stairs and on an icy walkway. I elevated and applied an ice pack. I now have it wrapped and elevated, I took 800 mg ibuprophen. will ice again and probably see a doctor tomorrow. I am currently off work for my shoulder so that helps. I can not put much weight on it at this time. RICE will be my plan until I get seen. It is good to hear others stories for advice.


  • I have been doing leg and calf specific stretches everyday prior to this., I think the boots may have been too new and stiff, they go high on the calf and and limit some normal gait for me. I think strengthening exercises along with stretching will help in future. Don't ignore a pop sound or feeling.

How Long Did It Take to Heal?

happened 4 hours ago, we will see.

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