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Reader Stories: Share Your Calf Strain Story


Updated April 30, 2012

Calf strains can heal quickly or linger for months. Share your experience dealing with a calf strain injury.

Sudden 'pop' and colorful bruise on calf

I did not go to the doctor for the pull, as I am fairly certain they would tell me everything that I already know. I iced and elevated as soon as I got home and thankfully I was on vacation all week …More

pain in the calf

i have done no rehab for the pain and since i have waited so long am not sure anything will now give any relief. short of going to a doctor for which i have no insurance i dont' know what would be th…More

Take it easy, don't rush recovery

They did not strap my leg and told me to remain active to get the blood flowing through the muscle. I am on anti inflammatory tablets and have been given an anti inflammatory cream to rub on the affe…More

A loud pop; felt as if I had been kicked by an elephant

Day after injury, went to the orthopedics' office. The leg was completely screened, resulting in wearing a boot on my leg for six weeks to insure no usage would occur. This was very annoying at first…More

Calf Strain Rehab

R.I.C.E. for 2 days, now doing heat. It's only been 4 days so it's still very painful. I try to keep it elevated and stay off of it as much as possible, but I find it gets very stiff if off of it for…More

Calf muscle strain-audible pop.

I haven't been to a doctor yet. I have a runner friend who says he's experiance the same thing. His doctor told him: Ice down for 15 minutes a day. Do not stretch calf to pain. Do not exercise the ca…More

Grade 1 Calf Strain

I continued to move items up the stairs after my injury for approximately 2 hours, making 20-30 trips in that time. I was then forced to sit in a car for another 3 hours, with very restricted movemen…More

Grade 3 Calf Strain

Okay I went straight home (got a lift could not drive back) Ice Elevation, and took anti inflammatory tablets. I visited hospital next day with a walking stick. Yeah its a grade 3 tear after prodding…More

Calf Strain During Soccer

I started the hot/cold remedy the evening after the injury and later took anti-inflammatories. I was back at training the following Tuesday after the injury even though I felt the stiffness, no pain …More

Torn calf muscles playing soccer

i heard a pop then a pain in the right calf it felt like someone kicking me from behind then heard the same pop in my left calf and again the same pain like someone has kicked me in the calf muscle i…More

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