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Reader Stories: Share Your Calf Strain Story


Updated April 30, 2012

Calf strains can heal quickly or linger for months. Share your experience dealing with a calf strain injury.

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3rd time's not charming

1st injury- stayed off feet with foot elevated for two days. No work 1week.2nd incident- no work half a week to a week3rd injury- immediately iced, off feet for 2 days, ibuprofen 1st night due to pai…More

Where did that Ball come From?

After going to the ER...they put me on muscle relaxers and pain Meds ..told me I was lucky and it seems like a small tear....ice it for 48 hrs, on 20 minutes off 1 hr,They told me if I was still havi…More

Tear In My Lower Calf

Oddly with my strain I feel it recovers very well in a 12 hour period. It can be quiet sore at first but by the end of the day can feel much better. In 3 days it feels back to normal and pain free. T…More

Chronic Calf Strains

I have recently seen a physical therapist who told me that I have a few places of scar tissue in each leg from repeated injuries. I have been stretched, heated and given light strengthening and stret…More

Third calf strain in 7 years

After the first incident I crawled into the ER because I thought it was my Achilles. Learned it was a severe strain of the calve and was given crutches. Quick recovery. Second incident avoided walkin…More

Recovering from a calf injury

Dx. of media gastroc head strain was made. No swelling or bruising, but needed crutches x 3 days; took a good 3 weeks to be able to walk normally. 6 weeks to go down stairs well. Did PT--stretching r…More

Pop sound and calf pain

I saw my doctor as well as the doctor at the ER. All they basically did was give me pills crutches and told me to ice it and keep it elevated. I stayed on crutches and the walker for about a month. T…More

"Micro tears" in tendons and a pulled calf muscle

The doctor's advice was to stay off of it initially, (I couldn't walk anyway). Now, I am on crutches with the leg wrapped because I have to get back to moving around. I think the Dr. said it would be…More

Sprained ankle and a very loud 'pop' mid-calf

Immediately elevated, iced and took ibuprofen. No noticeable swelling but intense pain when I put weight on that leg or if my mid-calf was bumped. I couldn't handle any compression for the first two …More

The pop in my left calf was stunningly painful

Just started. Having been through a less severe version last time, I know rest and heel lifts are key. I'm planning on getting a sports medicine appointment but not until I can walk without crutches.…More

Recurrent Calf Injury

Wearing the boot during waking hours and not driving made my recovery possible. I did elevate and ice it on and off during the six weeks. Full recovery and was released by dr after six weeks. No driv…More

Recurrent calf tears

First injury freaked me out had no idea what happened. Went to orthopedic who diagnosed the tear. Loaded me up with pain killers and told me to see a physical therapist. Therapist did stretches and t…More

Stressed out with calf strain

I rest most of the day, Always elevated leg. Still cannot walk properly, kind of side ways which causes pain in my hip and the other leg is starting to hurt!!Went for physio on Jan 21/13. Started min…More

Long Term Effects of Calf Injury

I went to an urgent care center, but they didn't think it was too serious so they took x-rays and ended up just wrapping it up and sending me home. i should've gone to a real doctor when it happened.…More

Calf Strain from Dancing

I just happened to carry a hiking stick in my car. I am day 2 and I can almost put my heel to the floor but use the stick a lot. I am taking it real easy, I want to run so badly but I do not want wre…More

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