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"A chance for me to rest"

Share Your Story: Talus Fracture Show and Tell

By athlete

Updated February 11, 2012

How Did It Happen?

I was trialing for a team and as i landed from jumping up to get an intercept i landed on my partners foot. I tried carrying on playing and walked off court after calling time. I thought it was just a sprain but i woke up the next morning and couldnt move it. Turns out i had torn a ligament, chipped both sides of my talus and my tibia and fibula had seperated too far apart. This happend on the 4th october 2011 and i had surgery on the 31st october. During this time i was put in a cast.

How Was Your Recovery?

After surgery (screws and a rod to hold the tibia and fibular) i was put in a cast for 10 days and told not to weightbear. I was then put in a moonboot. I was shocked to see my leg had shrinked like it had but i guess that comes with injury. On december the 27th 2011 i was able to weight bear. There wasnt as much pain as i was expecting but i felt as i started walking more the pain kicked in. I still have to have another surgery to take out the rod. I felt a lot of emotions during this time. At first furustration and then acceptance but when i started reading the stories on the net i got quite down and depressed. I was still training 6 times a week doing weights and i started biking when i could walk again. This has really helped me to feel "normal" and like the other athletes.

Tips and Tricks

  • I know it's hard but try and stay positive! It is hard and it is going to hurt like hell but keep the faith! I know i looked at the injury as a blessing in disguise because it was a chance for me to rest. I had a miserable season with injuries and sicknesses and it came just before exams. I was able to study and got better marks than i wouldve if i had still been training and playing.ice ice ice and elevate eat healthy food that will improve your recovery. You can look up foods on the net. Broccoli is great for recovery!

How Long Was It Before You Returned to Sports?

It has been 4 months so far. Im hoping to start training again at the 6 month mark!

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