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Bad Ankle Sprain Story & Photo

Share Your Story: Ankle Sprain Show and Tell

By John Coughlin

Updated December 18, 2009

Bad Ankle Sprain Story & Photo

My blown-out ankle

How I Sprained My Ankle

Well I broke my left ankle pretty badly about 10 years ago playing football, and also shattered the growth plate in the process. As a result, my left foot is a size 9-1/2 while my right kept growing and is now a 10-1/2! The ankle hasn't felt as strong ever since. Sure enough, it gave out on me as I tripped down a flight of stairs last week. I was sure I re-broke it as the pain + swelling seemed worse than when I had broken it years ago. The x-rays came back negative however, and was diagnosed as a severe sprain with several torn ligaments.

What Do You Think Contributed to Your Ankle Sprain?

Being that my ankle had never been the same since the initial break, I feel that it was more susceptible to re-injury. I guess I was right! Running down the flight of stairs (in an attempt to catch a departing train) probably didn't help either. I didn't clear the last step and my ankle just folded with a sickening crunch. That'll teach me to take my time in the future!


  • Staying off of it and wearing the air-cast is all you can really do. Sprains are really annoying because you may feel like you can walk on it, but the ankle is actually still very weak so the risk of re-injury is pretty high. I've been on crutches for a week and don't see myself being able to put weight on it any time soon; it's a pretty severe sprain!!

How Long Was It Before You Returned to Sports?

Haven't yet, it's only been a week...

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