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Reader Stories: Ankle Sprain Show and Tell


Updated April 30, 2012

Even if we are in great shape, one awkward step can cause a nasty ankle sprain. Here you can share your ankle sprain story, or learn how others have coped and recovered from a sprained ankle. Tell us how it happened, what you did (or didn't do), what your doctor told you and how long before you were back playing sports.

Posterior tibial tendon strain

I was born with extremely flat feet. (The 3 doctors on the training staff at my school said I had the ugliest/flattest feet they've ever seen) I've sprained both my ankles numerous times over the pas…More

2nd degree sprain

I must have been wearing bad shoes because I tripped and rolled my ankle badly. It really hurt and then I tried getting up but my ankle was too weak it couldn't bare the pressure. But I'm glad Candac…More

Know your limits

I think it was the teacher for not stopping the class when the girl with the injured knee (I found out she dislocated it) fell. And for not teaching us well enough. I also think it was my friend for …More

Grade 3 ankle sprain

I think the alcohol had a lot to do with it -- it was a really bad idea to jump of the chair at a party. My boyfriend had to carry me home, since I was unable to walk on it. It was a really bad idea …More

Ankle Sprain Running Down Stairs

I shouldn't have ran if I was drinking and that I should have gone to the hospital that night instead of leaving it til the next morning. Where appropriate shoes if I'm going to be outside something …More

Do Your Rehab

WELL playing sports! (lol) If I was one of the kids that hung out in parking lot before games smoking and drinking and only there to watch I'm sure my ankles would have been SAFE!!! lol! Seriously..…More

Bad Ankle Sprain Story & Photo

Being that my ankle had never been the same since the initial break, I feel that it was more susceptible to re-injury. I guess I was right! Running down the flight of stairs (in an attempt to catch a…More

Fast First Aid - Fast Return to the Field

I have no idea , but I think it was a combination of the field, and trying to cut before my foot hit the ground. I think I was trying too hard to "make a move" and just didn't wait until my foot was …More

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