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Sample workouts, ideas and training programs for athletes.
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Best Agility Drills for Athletes
All athletes can benefits from these agility drills to help improve coordination, speed, power and specific sports skill. Use these drills to perfect your foot speed and refine your sports technique.

Conditioning Tips for Golf
Conditioning Tips for Golfing. Warm up exercises and injury prevention reminders for golfers getting ready for golf season.

Navy SEALs Workout
Here are two training programs from the SEALs

Training Tips for Your Summer Surf Vacation
Adding these core and balance exercises to your training routine will make your next surfing safari a lot more enjoyable!

Cardio-Boxing for Super Fitness
Cardio-boxing is a great way to condition the whole body because it builds muscle strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination all at the same time.

Sprint Drills Against Resistance
Performing sprint drills against resistance builds power, speed and acceleration.

Conditioning for Skiing
Downhill skiing poses several sports medicine challenges to both the recreational and the expert skier.

Basic Training - Workout Routines & Exercises for Athletes
Tips, advice and workout routines and exercises you can use to improve sports performance, prevent injury and recover faster.

Cross Training Exercises Options - Best Cross Training Exercises Options for...
Here are some great cross training exercise options for common sports.

Interval Training Basics
Learn how to design an interval training workout routine.

High Intensity Interval Training Benefits
If you want to burn more calories faster, consider high intensity interval training.

Beyond Basic Training - Tips for Reaching Peak Performance
Recommendations, tips and expert advice for athletes looking for ways to improve their training, sports performance and recovery.

About the Warm Up- it's more important that you think
A proper warm up can have tremendous benefits for sports performance on both a physiological as well as psychological level.

About Plyometrics - the Controversy Continues
Many experts still argue the pros and cons of plyometric exercise.

Add 1% of Incline to Your Treadmill Workout
A 1% incline makes the treadmill effort equal to running outside

No Exercise Equipment? No Problem.
No Exercise Equipment? No Problem.

Recharge Your Workout
If you are bored with the same ole same ole, here are a few ideas to help you break free of your fitness rut.

Starting An Exercise Program: "Where Do I Begin?"
Advice for beginners who want to start a fitness program: often, the biggest challenge you will face is changing your lifestyle.

Tips for More Effective Training
Tips for athletes who want to get the most from their training time

Yoga for Athletes
Yoga makes a perfect companion for athletes by helping you develop concentration through relaxed, deep breathing while it improves balance, flexibility, core strength, and endurance.

Best Cross Training Exercises and Workout Ideas for Athletes
Cross training helps prevent overuse injuries, muscle imbalances and the dreaded mental burnout that comes from doing the same exercise routine day after day

Interval Training
How to design and interval training program that will improve fitness and endurance.

Exercise for Seniors

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