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Health Club Etiquette

Tips for minding your manners at the gym


Updated July 12, 2013

When your health clubs fill up, practicing good gym etiquette and minding your manners can make the your workouts a bit more pleasant. While the rules of etiquette may vary by the type of gym you go there are some basic rules that apply no matter where you are.

Gym etiquette is built on common courtesy and a little tolerance. Here are a few general rules that should help you and your fellow exercisers stay happier at the gym.

Health Club Do's

  • Do learn the rules of your health club, and practice them.
  • Do put equipment away when you are done using it.
  • Do wipe down equipment after use. No one wants to clean up your sweat.
  • Do ask for assistance from a trainer if you aren't sure how to do something.
  • Do allow others to work with you between your sets if they are waiting for your equipment.
  • Do ask to work in between the sets of others.
  • Do ask if people are finished with equipment if they seem to be leaving.
  • Do train in the right areas when the gym is busy.
  • Do maintain good hygiene.
  • Do carry a sweat towel with you.
  • Do carry a plastic, covered water bottle.
  • Do use any sign up sheets for cardio equipment if it's busy.
  • Do adhere to equipment time limits during peak hours.
  • Do remove heavy weight plates from machine after you are finished. Others can't always lift what you can.
  • Do say please and thank you. Be courteous.
  • Do Share.

Health Club Don'ts

  • Don't drop weights. It's annoying and unnecessary.
  • Don't hog the equipment
  • Don't leave equipment covered in your sweat.
  • Don't sit on equipment if you aren't using it (when it's crowed).
  • Don't block others access to equipment or walkways, etc (especially when crowed busy)
  • Don't give out unsolicited advice.
  • Don't take up the whole bench in the locker room with all your 'stuff.'
  • Don't forget this is a gym and not a singles club. While it may be a great place to find a date, don't assume that everyone feels the same.

Minding your manners never goes out of style.

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