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Crowded Gyms Keep People Away

Why do you avoid the gym?


Updated September 18, 2006

If you have a hard time motivating yourself to go to the gym to exercise,you aren't alone. But are your reasons for not going the same as the majority of people surveyed? The American Council on Exercise polled over 1,500 people to ask them 'What keeps you from going to the gym?'

The results were a bit surprising given that I expected lack of time or motiviation to be number one. Instead, people reported they don't go to the gym because:

  • 46 percent said the gyms are too crowded.
  • 21 percent said they don't know what they're doing (how to use the equipment)
  • 19 percentsiad they think they are the only ones not already in shape.
  • 11 percent said the gym is full of rude people who don't wipe off a machines or who monopolize use of equipment.
  • 3 percent said they are afraid to ask questions

  • If you report any of the same reasons for avoiding the gym, there are some ways to take back your gym. Consider altering the time you go so there are fewer people to compete with. Talk to the gym staff and explain your concerns and take a lesson from a personal trainer. Save money by ditching your membership altogether and finding other ways to exercise. Head outside for a run, walk or bike ride. Strength train at home using DVDs, home equipment of body weight exercises to work major muscle groups.

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