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Strength Training

Resources and information about strength training and weight lifting programs for a specific muscle group or sport.

10 Strength Training Tips for Court Sports
Court athletes benefit from a well-designed strength training program

Which Is Better - Compound or Isolation Exercises?
Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work several muscles at one time. For most people compound exercises provide better results than isolation exercises and should be the core of any weight training routine.

Basic Strength Training Principles
There are many different ways to build muscle strength, but they all boil down to some very basic principles.

Explosive Exercise Training
Explosive exercise (or maximal effort) training can improve athletic performance.

Strength Training Plateaus - How to Get Unstuck
Strength training programs require constant adjustment or you risk hitting plateaus.

Free Weights Vs. Machines
A look at the pros and cons of each.

Simplified Strength Training
Strength training made easy. If you avoid weight training because you get overwhelmed or discouraged, this simplified routine may work well for you.

Do You Build More Strength with Full or Partial Lifts?
weight Lifting: Does range of motion matter when trying to build maximal strength?

How to Design a Personal Exercise Program
There are several components that are essential to a safe, effective exercise program.

Strength Training Improves Body Image
Now you can add improved body image to the long list of strength training benefits.

Getting Through the Holidays Without Losing Fitness
If you are wondering how little exercise you need to maintain fitness through the holidays you aren't alone. the good news is that there are ways to maintaining fitness with limited time.

Coaches’ Check-List: The Full Squat Lift
The following checklist provides a coaches perspective of assessing the execution of a full squat lift. A skilled coach needs to understand the mechanics of executing the lift, observe the athlete and constantly reinforce correct movement patterns. Here is what a qualified coach looks for.

Overtraining with Weights
Can you overtrain with weights? How strength training too hard for too long can actually limit muscle building and decrease performance.

Using Free Weights
How to buy and use free weights at home. Using free weights is effective way of improving strength and fitness.

Strength Training May Reduce Joint Pain
Research published in the Journal of Rheumatology suggests that relief from joint pain is linked to certain simple strength training routines.

The StrongWomen Program
The StrongWomen Program is a new research-based community focused strength-training program that encourages mid-life and older women to lift weights, eat healthy and enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Safe Squat Technique
Learn how to perform the squat lift safely and build strength and power.

How to Do More Situps
These tips will help you learn how to do more situps, build your abdominal and core strength and endurance, and ace your next fitness test.

The Pull Up Exercise: How to Use a Chin Up Bar
The pull up exercise, also called a chin up, is one of the most overlooked exercises for building upper body, back and core strength. Learn how to use a chin up bar and other exercise equipment.

Top 6 Best Ab Exercise Equipment
Everyone wants great abs. You can learn which are the Best and Worse Ab Exercises in this article, but these products will help you achieve your goal of getting those six-pack abs.

How to Do More Push Ups
These tips will help you learn how to do more push ups, build your upper body strength and endurance, and ace your next fitness test.

Strength Training For Endurance Athletes
Spend some time each week doing resistance work and you may find a big payoff in better endurance and faster paces.

6 Strength Training Mistakes

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