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Top 8 Mouth Guards - Mouth Protection


Updated April 22, 2014

mouth guard protects the teeth and jaw of athletes who might sustain an impact to the head or face while playing sports. While there is no question that a custom made mouth guard will fit better and be more comfortable, a pre-made mouth guard may work for some people. Here are some top picks for mouth guards you can buy online. If you don’t agree with these picks, you can search the entire selection for the mouth guard of your choice.


1. Shock Doctor Mouth Guards

Shock Doctor Mouth Guards
photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Shock Doctor is one of the most well-know mouth protection supplies for good reason. They offer a huge selection and range of mouth protection for all sports. They offer a good fit and the a variety of colors that make this a popular mouth guard for high school athletes. The Shock Doctor Gel Guards offers a comfortable gel inside and a hard outer shell for protection.
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2. Adams Mouth Guards

Adams makes a large variety of mouth guards for all sports and all player sizes. These are high quality, boil and bite guards that have good protection for most sports.
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3. Brain Pad Mouth Guard

This mouth guard offers all the bells and whistles. A good, low profile fit and a large center space that allows for constant breathing and even speaking so you don’t need to keep removing it to talk to teammates. Brain Pad offers a dental warranty of $8000+ depending upon the model purchased.
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4. Mueller Basic Mouthguard

This mouth guard is a low budget, basic mouthguard that is made out of co-polymer resin and is one size fits all.
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5. Brain Pad LoPro Female Mouthguard

LoPro makes a version of their mouth guard that fits smaller mouths so it's considered a woman's mouth guard. This one protects the teeth and jaw and offers a center space that allows better breathing with the teeth clenched so it's good for a variety of contact sports.
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6. Strapped Mouth Guards

For those who want to strap their guard to a helmet, there are several options and price ranges. Be sure to select a boil and bite or gel mold mouth guard for the best fit.
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7. Mouth Guards for Braces

For junior athletes who wear braces, getting a mouth gaurd to fit right can be difficult. Some manufacturers make guards just for braces. They offer a bit larger fit for braces, and good protection to prevent cuts or lacerations from the braces.
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8. Mouth Guard Case

If your mouth guard doesn’t come with a case, it’s a good idea to get one. It will keep your guard clean, dry and help maintain its shape.
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