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Motion Control Running Shoes

Best running shoes for those who need great stability and control


Updated May 16, 2014

Motion control running shoes are rigid, durable, stable control-oriented running shoes that limit pronation. Buy these shoes if you overpronate, you wear orthotics and want a stable shoe, or you have flat feet (If you have a flat foot you are probably an overpronator)

If you have a more neutral foot type, you my want to check out the Best Stability Running Shoes.

1. Brooks Trance

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The Trance offers motion control and a new insole for better cushioning. Perfect for moderate pronators, it offers a better venting system and nice color scheme.

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2. Saucony Grid Stabil

The Grid Stabil has been around a long time for a reason. Each new model seems lighter and more secure than the older versions. This is a great motion control shoe with multi-density midsole perfect for those who need lots of stability. If you pronate, are a heavier runner or just need a more stable shoe, try on a pair

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3. New Balance

This is a highly stable trainer is made for runners who require maximum motion control, support and cushioning. Offers rearfoot stability and pronation control while allowing a smooth running gait motion.

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4. Asics Gel-Evolution

Perfect for the over-pronator, Asics offers comfort and flexibility in a light-weight shoe.

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5. Brooks Addiction

If you you overpronate and like the look and feel of Brooks, this is a great choice. Made for runners who want the perfect blend in cushioning, support and motion control. A perfect fit for women runners, the Addiction offer space in the forefoot and narrow heel.

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