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Beyond Basic Training - Preparing for Endurance Sports Competition


Updated February 13, 2012

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Sports-Specific Skills and Drills Improve Sports Performance
Plyometric Drills

Plyometric Drills

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Add Sports-Specific Skills Training
During base fitness and endurance training you may not have been working on specific sports skills and drills, but this is critical to high-level sports performance. After your base mileage is complete, your body is perfectly prepared to fine-tune sports skills and mental focus.

Sports skills training requires isolating specific movements and practicing them over and over until they become second-nature and then adding them together in one coordinated, flowing movement. Examples include practicing cornering or riding in a pack for cyclists, balance training or plyometric drills for runners, shooting free throws for basketball players, or practicing transitions for triathletes. The number of sport-specific drills is endless, but if you use these drills to target your weaknesses you may improve your performance substantially.

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