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Running & Walking

Sample workouts and training schedules for runners.

How To Run Faster
You can run faster by cutting your mileage and increasing your training quality.

Desert Hiking Safety Tips
Hiking in the desert requires a special packing list to prepare for the hot, dry and extreme desert climate. The following checklist can help you prepare for remote, desert hiking.

Trail Running Tips - Share Your Trail Running Tips
Trail running is a great way to spice up your running routine. But trail running takes a bit more preparation and caution than running on pavement. Share your advice with other runners who want to break into trail running.

What to Eat Before a Running Workout
Eating before your running workout can be a bit tricky depending upon what time you run, as well as how far and how fast you run.

High Intensity Interval Training Benefits
If you want to burn more calories faster, high intensity interval training may be for you.

Top Cushioned Running Shoes
Shoes for runners with high arches who want more cushioning in their shoes

Best Stability Running Shoes
Stability shoes offer mild control and cushion for average foot types.

Tips for Trail Runners
Trail running is a great way for runners to break the boredom of daily training runs and build some new running skills at the same time. Here are a few tips to make a transition to trail running more comfortable.

Calf Raise - Calf Strengthening Exercise
Learn how to safely perform calf raise strengthening exercise.

Barefoot Running - The Pros and Cons of Going Shoeless
There is a gowning subculture of runners going shoeless and embracing the barefoot running lifestyle.

Best Stretches for Cycling
Bicycling is a repetitive motion exercise that can lead to tightness in several major muscle groups. Stretching after cycling can have a variety of benefits for when done properly. Before you try the following stretches, learn: Safe Stretching Guidelines

Best Stretches for Runners
Stretching can have a variety of benefits for runners when done properly. Before you try the folowing stretches, learn: Safe Stretching Guidelines Why You Should Stretch After You Warm Up .

Running After Age 40 - How to Prevent Injuries and Improve Performance
You're never too old to start running, but you can prevent injury and improve your performance by knowing how aging affects your physical capacity and limitations.

Learn How to Use the Treadmill
Your gym is loaded with treadmills, or perhaps you just got one of your own. How do you use it effectively? Learn the basics of how to use a treadmill to stay safe and get an effective workout.

10 Tips for Completing a 5K Run
Training for and completing an organized 5K race is an ideal ways for beginning exercisers to start a fitness routine, lose weight and build healthy habits.

When to Replace Worn Running Shoes
How long do running shoes last? Tips and recommendations for deciding if you need to buy new running shoes.

Speed Training
A sample workout for improving sprint performance that can be applied to any sport.

Strength Training for Runners
Strength training can improve running performance. Here are guidelines for getting the most out of your weight training routine.

What's Your Favorite Running Workout Song?
What song is a must for your running workout playlist?

Spring Training: Get Ready To Run
Spring Training: Tips for transitioning into outdoor running

High Intensity Stair Workout Basics
Stair workouts are a great way to get a high intensity interval session and boost your fitness fast.

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