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Overtraining Issues and Injuries

How to recognize and prevent overtraining for your sports.

Tendonitis is a common sports injury that often occurs from overuse. Tendonitis can cause deep, nagging pain that is caused by inflammation of tendons. Treating tendonitis consists of rest, medication, physical therapy or changes to equipment or technique.

Overuse (Chronic) Injuries
Overuse syndromes are common sports injuries that result from repetitive use, stress and trauma to the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, bones and joints) without proper time for healing.

Winter Survival Guide for Summer Athletes
Tips for summer athletes who want to get the most from their off-season training routine.

Moderate Exercise Boosts Immunity
Recent studies have shown that during moderate exercise, several positive changes occur in the immune system.

When Less is More - Why Overtraining Reduces Performance
Many athletes do not recognize that by working out too much, they are actually decreasing their performance capabilities.

Compulsive Exercise In Athletes
A fairly subtle form of an eating disorder has less to do with eating, and more to do with excessive exercise. How to spot a compulsive exerciser.

Boomeritis is a catch phrase, an all encompassing term for the increasing number of sports related injuries suffered by the baby boomers.

Shin Splints
Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) causes the pain in the front of the shin. Learn to treat or prevent it.

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