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Older Athletes

Information specifically addressing the needs of the aging and older athletes.
  1. The Master's Inline Skater

Advice for Aging Athletes
Getting older and getting better - advice for aging athletes.

Personal Training for Seniors

Most Seniors Lose Fitness Due to Lack of Training, Not Just Aging
If you think declines in fitness are due to simple aging, you might want to pay attention. More and more research, and more and more seniors are showing us that these declines are often due to lack of use, not just the normal aging process.

Older Couch Potatoes Gain Most from Exercise
A new study finds that older 'couch potatoes' gain the most from exercise.

Older Athletes May Need Custom Exercise Programs
Aging Athletes Require Tailored Exercise Regimen to Avoid Overuse Injuries: Orthopaedic surgeons study most common bone, joint and muscle problems in mature athletes

Older Athletes and Performance Issues
Specific exercise training information for men and women over age 35.

Exercise and Osteoarthritis

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