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Drinking / Hydrating for Exercise

Expert advice about drinking during exercise. When to use water, sports drinks, and how to avoid dehydration.

How Much Water Should You Drink
Athletes need to hydrate, but how much water should you drink?

Proper Hydration for Exercise - Water or Sports Drinks
Adequate fluid intake is essential for athletes before, during, and after exercise. Whether to use sports drinks or just water depends upon your duration and intensity of exercise.

Water Intoxication (Hyponatremia)
Can athletes get too much water? Hyponatremia has become more prevalent as more people are participating in endurance sports.

Sodium - Salt - Needed for Ultra-Endurance Athletes
Salt (sodium) needs for ultra-endurance athletes are different than for many other athletes and for the general population.

Top Hydration Packs for Athletes
A hydration pack can athletes stay hydrated and avoid dehydration. Here are top picks in hydration packs.

Nuun Electrolyte and Hydration Replacement Tablets
Nuun electrolyte tablets offers athletes a unique carbohydrate-free fluid replacement. Just drop a tablet of nuun into a water bottle and you replace electrolytes without the calories of most other sports drinks.

Recommendations for Water, Sodium and Potassium
The "8 Glasses a Day" Myth Uncovered. According to a report from researchers at the Institute of Medicine we get plenty of water, but we consume too much sodium and too little potassium.

ACSM Position Stand - Exercise and Fluid Replacement
Here is the text for the official position stand of the American College of Sports Medicine position stand on adequate fluid replacement of individuals participating in regular physical activity.

Hydration Packs
Hydration Packs Reviews. Readers share reviews of the top selling hydration packs for athletes. See submissions

Test Your Sweat IQ
How much do you know about sweat? Sweating is natural to an athlete, yet not many know how it can be both helpful and harmful to them. Take this quiz and see how you score.

Hydration Study: Athletes Underestimate Fluid Needs
Study results showed that even experienced athletes drastically underestimated how much sweat they lost and consequently drank too little to stay well hydrated.

Carbohydrate-Protein Drink Improves Time to Exhaustion
An article in the Journal of Exercise Physiology - online has studied the ergogenic effects of various beverages after a glycogen lowering diet and exercise bout. The research abstract follows.

Caffeine and Peformance
Caffeine has been used by endurance athletes for years as a way to stay alert and improve endurance. Find out how it works.

Super Oxygenated Water
They promise mental awareness, greater concentration and more energy to athletes. Do they work?

10 Pre-workout Snack Ideas
Do you really need that pre-workout snack? There are some good reason to eat before a workout, but just as many reasons to skip the extra calories. Learn what, when, and why you might want to eat before exercise (and when to avoid it).

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