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Calf Pull Stretching Exercises


Updated June 11, 2014

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Standing Achilles Tendon Heel Stretch
Achilles Tendon Heel Stretch

Achilles Tendon Heel Stretch

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This simple stretch, sometimes called the Achilles tendon stretch, stretches the tendons and muscles of the lower legHow to Do the Standing Achilles Tendon Heel Stretch
  • Stand about an arm's-length from a wall or another sturdy object.
  • Lean forward and place both hands on the wall about shoulder width apart.
  • Extend one foot (the side to be stretched) behind you with your knee bend and heel on the ground.
  • Keep the other foot closer to the wall.
  • Lean into wall slightly and bend the knee of the heel to be stretched (keeping the heel down) until you feel a stretch in the back of the lower leg (just above the heel).
  • Sink down slowly with your hips to deepen the stretch.
  • Hold this stretch for about 30 seconds and change sides.
  • This stretch is similar to the calf stretch, however by bending your knee you focus the stretch on the Achilles rather than the calf.

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